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Exclusive - Rand Paul: Still Danger Of Gun Control Through Executive Orders

Senator Rand Paul to Breitbart News' Ben Shapiro: "I think they're gonna have trouble and I think they know -- they count votes, they know just as well as anybody -- they'll have trouble passing that in the House and even in the Senate. There are a few who've been rated well by the NRA and have at least said they're against -- or for protecting the Second Amendment, but we'll see what happens. They could potentially pass something in the Senate, but hopefully in the House. I just don't see that getting through. So that's why we're still kind of concerned about the Executive Orders and we've introduced legislation to try to prevent them from legislating. There is some precedent for this. [President] Clinton was overturned at least once by the courts for writing an Executive Order that the courts said amounted to legislation."
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There will always be a danger of gun control so long as liberals exist.
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I still have my ron paul yard signs up...
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I'm starting to like this Rand Paul more and more each day.
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Philadelphia Patriot;74424 Wrote:I'm starting to like this Rand Paul more and more each day.
Yeah, He is living up to his father's positive reputation so far. In fact I think I may hear a distant cry of "Rand Paul 2016"
Even GWB has an EO overrruled. He signed one ordering the National Park Service to follow state law regarding concealed carry in National Parks. It was overturned and it was eventually added to the credit card reform bill Obama signed in the early months of his first term.

Truman had one overturned after he tried to nationalize the steel industry during the Korean War.
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