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Fatal Error Navigating Through Thread
RocketFoot;9907 Wrote:Sorry folks, this error was a controlled and isolated incident. Everything should be fine now. It was just a weather balloon that you actually saw.

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTuyjEC08KAOGYAvdZrzli...-CpB3rRtFr]
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This is the error that is driving me crazy:

[Image: 2qi7p8l.jpg]

If you look in the address, you'll see that Page 26 is where I'm at in that particular thread, but there is no page 26, even though the 'new posts' tells me there is.

When I click on that last page (page 26) the above is what I get.

If I edit the address bar and put 25 in place of 26, I get to see the most recent post.

If on page 25 I click next, because a link to page 26 still exists, I also get the above.

This is what is EXTREMELY frustrating, and I think this is what everyone is still complaining about.
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^^^THIS^^^ is what I tried to explain that precipitated the error I made this thread about. Highly frustrating that it keeps telling me there's another page when there isn't.
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I get the same error as the two above me about the page not being there. I just assumed the mods were scrubbing something that should not have been there and I am always just too slow to see the action.
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