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Favorite YouTube channels?
Do any of you have any self sufficiency\DIY YouTube channels you subscribe to?

Here's a couple I watch religiously:

This guy does all kinds of videos puttering around in his shop. I like this channel specifically for his teardown videos. He seems it know a little bit about everything. I learn a lot from this channel.

Interesting homesteader video blog of sorts:

Guy is an electronics genius. I learn a lot watching him tear things down also:

Another really good electronics Youtuber:

Old school shop teacher\machinist. This guy has probably forgotten more than you can ever hope to learn about machining things.

Anyway hopefully that will get some people started...hopefully you've found some good ones too...As you can tell lot of the people I subscribe to do teardowns. You'd be amazed how much you can learn by watching a knowledgeable person take something apart.
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Steve Jessup

Colin Furze

Grant Thompson

Leatherwood Outdoors

Nick Moore

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BTW also for anyone learning machine tools check out this guy's videos. They are by FAR the best produced ones on YouTube. Even if you don't care to learn to use machine tools this guy is like watching Bob Ross do metalworking I could watch his videos all day.
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Been watching this guy for a little while now. Loads of profanity laced Canadian humor that is hard to understand sometimes but his projects are pretty neat.


Here's the latest vidjayo...

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I have to second AvE, that dude is one skookum choocher.

Here's some of my favs in no particular order:

Rare, Antique and Weird Firearms:

Science and Geeky stuff:

Politics and commentary:


Economics and precious metals:
Ammunition, it's the new lead bullion. Buy it cheap and stack it deep.
Mostly firearm stuff for me.

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What's up with Hickok45's channel?
P89;171593 Wrote:What's up with Hickok45's channel?

It was shut down. Then what seemed to be a reprieve due to peoples feedback it was re activated.

Then a day later it was killed again.

Rumor has it, they do not allow any advertising. Guess he had something at the end of the clips. I never watched to very end.
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