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FBI fakes mass shooting data!?
The author claims that the FBI "fudged" crime reports to incorrectly reflect a large increase in shooting mass killings since 2000.
It appears that the federal government (This time the DOJ) is once again guilty of using its power to sway political opinion.

Quote:FBI figures released last September appear to show so-called "mass shooter" attacks and deaths have dramatically increased since 2000. The report asserted there were a total 160 such incidents in public places between 2000 and 2013, with attacks dramatically increased to 17 in 2013 from just one in 2000. The statistics also showed murders jumping to 86 from just seven over the span.

But Lott's group said a major flaw is the fact that the data was gleaned from news reports, and noted recent accounts were more accessible, and thus over-represented. Recent cases of the far more common “active shooting incidents” were added to legitimate cases of mass shooting incidents, making the more recent years covered by the report appear to have a large increase in both mass shootings and deaths from them.
No way.

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JustinHEMI;163423 Wrote:No way.


Agreed. Surely our own government would never abuse our trust in such a manner as this? Dodgy
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It's almost like as if there's an agenda...
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Another Executive Branch controlled agency coming out with data to show private gun ownership needs to be banned? Noooo.......
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