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FBI raids Philadelphia Sheriff's Office
The FBI raided the Philadelphia Sheriff’s office Thursday and seized some of the office’s computers, a source said.

An FBI spokeswoman confirmed that it was at the office “performing normal law enforcement activities” but declined to offer specifics. She said details would not come unless charges are filed.

A Sheriff’s office employee posted the following message on his Facebook account Thursday:
I've talked to a bunch of different sources and they're all saying virtually the same thing... this is related to former Sheriff's Green's tenure. Apparently the FBI is fairly sure that the proceeds of Sheriff sales were being put through a money laundering op to eventually wind up gratifying certain employees (and maybe Green himself... not sure).

Whether or not Sheriff Williams (the guy running the show right now) is connected isn't known, but none of the City Hall people I know seem to think it is.

The trouble with the Sheriff's Office is that it is a row office. Nobody at City Hall can tell the Sheriff what to do. The only control City Council has over the Sheriff is the one time every late spring when City Council authorizes the budget for the department.

And they're always begging for more money:

The Home Rule Charter kept a Sheriff for some unknown reason and he only has two jobs: bus the prisoners back and forth to court from CFCF and evictions/Sheriff Sales. The office sucks hard at both jobs.
Maybe someone in the office downloaded a picture of a rodeo clown wearing a Odumbo mask.
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AxisPhilly (an indep blog meant to get around the problem with George Norcross owning the Philadelphia Inquirer)... posted this:

Quote:A few hours later, the Sheriff’s Office put out a short communiqué describing the raid as “part of an ongoing investigation begun in the previous administration.”

By “previous administration,” they were presumably referring to the administration of former Sheriff John Green, who oversaw the office for more than two decades and left abruptly, amid speculation over mismanaged funds and cronyism in early 2011.

The Williams administration appears intent on communicating that whatever the FBI was looking for, it happened under Green.

And while FBI officials would not confirm any details of the target or scope of the search, virtually every news outlet reporting the story framed the raid within the context of scandal surrounding Green’s tenure as sheriff, mentioning recent criminal charges against individuals involved in a scam run out of the sheriff’s office under Green, a report by City Controller Alan Butkovitz questioning millions of dollars’ worth of transactions under Green, and a lawsuit by the city against Green and two companies owned by James Davis, Green’s friend, who did business with the sheriff’s office.

But it’s not actually clear at all that this investigation is focused on Sheriff Green or anything that happened under his watch.

Asked whether and how the Sheriff’s Office knows the current investigation dates back to Green’s tenure, Joe Black, a spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office, declined to elaborate. What’s more, an attorney for James Davis, the owner of the companies the city and Controller accuse of bilking the office, says his client has not been contacted by the FBI.

I guess we won't find out until we hear of a grand jury+indictments coming down.

I have personally battled this office getting the simplest of documents. I wanted to know how much money they spent last year running Sheriff's Sale ads in the Philadelphia Gay News.

The back of the napkin math looks to me like the cost is somewhere around $1.2 Million dollars a year. I filed a RTLK request to the Sheriff's PR office and legal hack and sent the same request to the Controller's office and the City Law Department.

I got back this HUGE long-winded explanation along with a boilerplate lit nay of case law citations on why this request was very inconvenient. The 6 hours it must have taken the Solicitor's aide to craft the acknowledgement letter was several hundred times more laborious than what it would have been to just pull up the invoices and add them up.

When their self-set extension deadline expired I hit them up again and I was told Joe Vignola [PR/Spokesman for the Sheriff] was too busy but he would respond as soon as he returned from whatever it was he was doing. I was FUCKING SITTING NEXT TO JOE VIGNOLA in Room 400 testifying during the tax hearingss. I emailed back the Solicitor's aide and snapped a cell phone picture of Joe. "Nice try. I know where he is and I'm sitting next to him." Joe would not talk to me the entire time.

Two days later I get the response. It's a PDF document with ONE invoice and ONE cancelled check inside for services rendered for 2 weeks.

So, I took the check and multiplied it times 26 and came up with a roughline figure I estimated and I ran with it. Sheriff's Office would say nothing but I did get legal threats from Mark Segal who is the editor of PGN.

The whole point of my story was that the Sheriff's Department blows money on completely unnecessary shit. NOBODY runs to PGN to look for upcoming Sheriff Sales. The paper is only really plentifully available at some SEPTA stations, Center City and the gentrified neighborhoods to some small degree. Mark's paper would have shut and closed a LONG time ago if the owning company didn't have stupid payola contracts like this keeping it afloat.

I warned City Council about this in an e-mail during budget season than they should avoid raising the Sheriff's budget at all cost no matter what Sheriff Williams says because they will pay for it in scandal.

And now... here we are.
But this is only one cop. Not all of them.. no one else knew this was going on and covering it up... nothing to see here.

Yes... its past the time...

Freaking pigs.. sows with no brains except to lie cheat steal harm and abuse others.. bulkies that need to be taught a lesson.

But it's only one and every deputy that knew it was going on and .....

Let's see the chain of excuses..

Mark my words.. its only a matter of time before people freely start targeting police like they are murdering lying criminals. Oh wait only ONE is..

Rolls eyes..
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