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fed: 5 years imprisonment and fines if you unlock your smartphone
Does this mean I have a pre-ban assault BlackBerry? I can use it on nearly ANY network!! Children
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Warpt762x39;73411 Wrote:
panopticonisi;73402 Wrote:not necessarily. try getting an iphone international unlocked from at&t. I've spent literally hours beong transferred from department to department.
Gotta know who to talk to. My stepdad works for a company based in Germany and he's gotten international iPhones unlocked.

can i have that person's contact info?
The updated information is.....It is now legal to get our phones unlocked from third party unlocking services in U.S.Recently, I unlocked my mobile .I had to travel outside my country and I had to unlock it very quickly.My network provider prolonged the unlock process...and luckily the amendment of unlocking phone made legal saved my time.I used the service from *Redacted - spam* and removed the network lock very easily.They unlocked my phone within few hours...
I know this was brought back by a spammer, but...

ExcelToExcel;73863 Wrote:Android or not has nothing to do with a locked phone. That only applys to rooting the phone

You have to unlock the bootloader before you can root the phone.
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