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Federal Judge Nixes Privacy for Students
Dave;65098 Wrote:Even when I was it school a zillion years ago it was decided that kids had little rights. Back then it was their ability to search any locker they want.

billamj;65017 Wrote:It doesn't matter when or where it is, it is an invasion of privacy. Do you honestly believe that if the students are forced to carry these things there is no one, anywhere, who would be able to access the information outside of school? Seriously.

Sorry but I'm not following. This is to track where they are in school only. No?

Sorry that you can't follow the idea that such items can be used outside of the school to track people. RFID does not turn itself off, a reader is a simple thing to buy or build. That we know of teachers and school staff nationwide that have used technology improperly to invade the privacy of those that they are supposedly educating is evidently a concept that you find hard to comprehend.
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First let me state I would do ANYTHING to protect my kids but this is not acceptable to me. I dont want anyone telling me what device my girls have to wear. It certainly is an invasion of privacy and has Streaker mention the schools dont do a great job of protecting privacy.
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Student: "Whoops, I seem to have left the RFID chip in homeroom. My bad."

Principal: "You do this every day."

"Do I? Those little buggers are hard to keep track of."

"It's there in your ID badge."

"Oh, you mean that hunk of plastic I keep loosing? Whoops. Is that all? I'm late for class."

"We can kick you out."

"Yay! Vacation!"


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