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Federal Judge Rules AR-15s Are “Dangerous and Unusual,” Not Protected by 2A
das;151686 Wrote:Go preach it in your liberal church... oh thats right Churches dont agree with your liberal views. Those without sin cast the first stone.

The Unitarians do, pretty much. And lots of Catholics of varying flavors, Lutherans, Episcopalians, United Churches of Christ, plenty of Baptists (Ebenezer comes to mind), etc.

das;151686 Wrote:I dont claim to be perfect unlike you.

Maybe just try and act decent as a step in the right direction.
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Back on subject,

Here is the 47 page hit piece...
[Image: picsay-1358258813.jpg]
Mr_Gixxer;151703 Wrote:Back on subject,

Here is the 47 page hit piece...

It's a lower court ruling.

Call me when it's appealed to circuit.
gascolator;151684 Wrote:
das;151654 Wrote:Are you saying Gas guy is a lefty or the judge?

Well we both are. But that wasn't the point.

What it has to do with is the (rather incompetent) use of bigoted homophobic terms (incompetently at that) in a place where we're supposed to be welcoming anyone who supports the 2nd Amendment, regardless of race, creed, other politics or sexual orientation. And doing so full in the knowledge that that latter bit applies to some of our compatriots here.

What in the hell does what the judge (supposedly, and judging from one photograph) does in the privacy of her bedroom and with whom have to do with her being wrong?

And why does it give you license to demean anyone here of the same or similar orientation?

I swear that half of our problem with protecting our 2A rights is that some of our fellow supporters seem determined to behave like ignorant asses and undermine our own cause.
Let me be perfectly clear about something, you being a liberal and me being me I stand against all you believe in. I'm pro life, I believe in God, I dont think legalizing drugs is a good thing I dont think homosexuality needs to crammed down everyones throat, do what you want but keep it to your self and dont try to force me to except it as normal. I know there are a few homosexuals on this site and I harbor no hate towards them, I respect their opinions but they are just that, opinions. I dont have to agree with everything they say. I believe in morals and conviction. So take your holier than though attitude and and realize that. While you made your point above I will make mine. Some people think they are perfect, have all the answers and preach their do what you want BS while spewing shit about how everyone else is wrong. NEWS FLASH: ITS NOT ME. This is my opinion and mine alone, I dont claim to speak for anyone else. Dont like my opinions? Tough.
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This is typical Maryland law. I have posted on here a few times how a Wolf/Kane Administration will bring the same sort of nonsense here to PA, only to be chastised by the "experts" reminding me that a Governor cannot pass law. In Maryland, as it was in this case, and as it was in my case, and is trending with every other gun case that has come before the bench, with the exception of the one ruled by the Honorable Judge Benson Everett Legg, a judicial anti-gun advocate, such as this Clinton appointee, gets the case. In my personal situation, a local conservative judge was removed from my case, at the very last minute, and replaced by a liberal appointee from Baltimore County, who has since been recommended for disbarment by the Cecil County Bar Association. THAT is what happens when you pair a gun hating liberal Democrat Governor with an equal over zealous AG who has their eye on the Governor's mansion. Whether it's O'Malley/Gansler, or Wolf/Kane, this is what you will be looking at. Now let the ranting begin as to how it can't happen here. I heard all of them before, and experienced yet others, as a former resident of MD.
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