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Feds Are Secretly Trying to Strip Sheriffs of Their Arresting Powers
Quote:A news report has been quietly making its way around the alternative media, under the radar screen, concerning a Delaware legal decision to strip county sheriffs of their arrest powers in the state.

The mainstream media has not reported the story, but the son of Vice President Joe Biden, who serves as Attorney General for the state of Delaware, has issued a mandate to county commissioners informing them that sheriffs in the state's three counties no longer have arrest powers.

When the information reached this reporter late yesterday evening, further investigation revealed that there is a nationwide effort to strip local sheriffs of most of their enumerated powers that are mandated in the state constitutions of the various states. Such a move would have the net effect of abolishing local sheriffs departments and strengthening the power of federal law enforcement agencies.

And this is not the first time such an effort has been launched.
It's the "BILL OF RIGHTS" not the bill of "needs"
Um, if it is codified as law, I don't see how an AG can wave his hand in the air and do away with the law.

Also, it wouldn't surprise me if this is a backlash to the Sheriffs who are taking a stand against an AWB.
Good to know the son is as much a law hating scumbag as his father.
Vampire pig man since September 2012
Let's start with our own state first!

Quote:“The (state) Supreme Court was asked to clarify sheriffs’ and deputy sheriffs’ powers five times in the last 15 years. The Supreme Court clearly told legislators they need to get it written into law. We receive the same training as municipal police officers. We undergo yearly education as they do,” the sheriff said.

The law was changed in 1994 to allow only the Allegheny County sheriff’s office to have the powers of the municipal and state police. “That is the only one written into statute law,”

Now pay attention & go support your local Sheriff.
No no. We don't want Sheriffs to have arrest powers like the police, we only want them to have powers to arrest officials, especially of the federal type. We never want them to be "COPS" we want them to protect us and be on our side.. They are to be the last/first line of defense against corrupt police forces and elected officials.
The fewer "cops" on the street, the better. Whatever their agency name.

That's my opinion.

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