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Feds vs Locals
Philadelphia Patriot;122618 Wrote:
steelcityk9cop;122592 Wrote:This is every day. Everything they can do to keep people out of jail is the norm. First, second, third offender programs... drug court, mental health court... home monitoring when you can't get probation... jail is for the truly wicked.

^ that. This is why I really could not give 2 shits when gangstas get killed in the hood. Fuck them.

This was my point in that One thread about the mass shooting stats... we had a "mass shooting" here in Da' Burgh the other day.. two dead and I believe three wounded in a single shooting. No national anti gun protests.. no Washington insiders... because it was an inner city minority shooting. In the big picture no one cares about ghetto killing as long as it's kept in the ghetto. They will put you away for doing it because the courts know you are not going to be rehabilitated....and the statistics support it.
Reading through her court history, it appears she was stealing to pay of multiple lawsuits that were brought against her from various businesses.

Guy gets 33 to 66 years for very much the same thing the chick in this original story was doing and she got probation. Makes ya wonder who she knows that she got off so light.
streaker69;126058 Wrote:Interesting:

Guy gets 33 to 66 years for very much the same thing the chick in this original story was doing and she got probation. Makes ya wonder who she knows that she got off so light.

A lot goes into sentencing. The one article said she did "several" burglaries..where he did over 30. The prior record score (past arrests) comes into play... also how the cases come in. Did he consolidate the cases nice and neat...did he cooperate with the DA's office... did they go to trial vs. A plea deal. All comes into the factoring of the sentence.
Here's another case of package theft around the holidays.

So I have a question, I thought mail theft, regardless of who delivered it is a federal crime. I'm wondering why the woman that I originally wrote about wasn't charged with federal crimes?
Oh lookie, she's committed another crime:

Quote:Patricia Burnett is back in jail, three months after a local judge spared her prison for a spree of Christmas package thefts in the Manheim Township area.

Burnett was charged this week with stealing $83 worth of loot from a Giant store in Manheim Township, charging documents show.

In turn, probation officials had her jailed, without bail, for breaking terms of her sentence from the Christmas package spree.

Any bets on if she'll be granted bail again for this recent violation?
About friggen time...

I know this is from April of 2014, but I just happened across it today.

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