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Ferguson Protestors: Take Notice
mauser;157505 Wrote:And from a different perspective, here's a story of humanitarianism and people helping each other in Ferguson:

Quote:DuBose, a single mother of two, poured her life savings into opening a small bakery on South Florissant Road in Ferguson.

Sales immediately tanked three months later when crowds rioted in Ferguson over the killing of Michael Brown.

It gets better.

I seen that to, We are a charitable people, I just hope she doesn't rebuild in the same place, we all know what doing the same thing over and over means. It's sad to say but they made their bed now they get to lie in it.

I know the majority of the protestors are probably not from the town, But then the question is where are the towns people? I'd be damned if I would sit at home while my town is burned down by some opportunistic thugs. So much for self governing people, anyone else see the flaw here?
With the Second Amendment saying what it says, Why isn't the Federal Government Suing NY
Looked like a white cop and black perp...............good shoot all around!
worker987, proud to be a member of since Sep 2012.
Did anybody read the news article I linked above the video? The cop that did the spring was not the same cop with the body camera. The news story points out the police were responding to a man with a gun call. That's why they came out guns drawn. The guy they shot had earphones in his ears and likely didn't hear the police commands. Yes, he screwed up with the way he responded. However, the police had the advantage with their guns already drawn. If the guy had pulled a gun they would have had time to recognize it and then shoot before the guy could have aimed and used it. Because of the way the guy reacted it is indeed a good shoot.

My wife's cousin's husband is a captain with SLCPD. Even the department is divided on this one. I've had the pleasure of working with trainers for Chicago PD. They teach to approach this scenario with the finger off the trigger, and above it in a way that your finger rests along the frame, to give you that split second hesitation to make the right decision. I'd like to know if that's what this officer was doing, or if SLCPD trains that way. My wife's cousin's husband won't talk about work, so it's not like I can ask him. There's more info I'd like to have about this shoot that I'll never be able to obtain. Furthermore, the subject of tunnel vision comes into play. I've participated in active shooter hostage scenarios in classroom training sessions. We've done things like leave training guns and training knives out in the open on desks and watched trainees walk right past them and admit to not seeing them. They were in plain sight. A very similar scenario could have played out here. The officer could have had to tunnel vision on a single issue and not allow himself to see all other scenarios. I am, by all means, not anti police. Their job isn't easy. There are a lot of tiny details that make all the difference. Most people have no idea what is like to walk in a police officers shoes. I am prior Marine Infantry, and even I had a wake up call when I started seeing the training first hand.

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