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Firing squad executions back on the table in Utah Legislature
gascolator;157096 Wrote:
JustinHEMI;157056 Wrote:Terrifying. The earnest way in which the state searches for a way to kill citizens.

Here's a thought. Abolish the death penalty altogether.



Amazing how many will go out and picket an abortion clinic, then come home and advocate for the death penalty.

Until we stop having case after case overturned on DNA evidence in spite of prosecutors fighting tooth-and-nail to exclude same, we have no business putting (mostly minority) men to death.

Either you're "pro-life" or you're not.

Amazing how many don't support the death penalty but support abortions.
I fail to see what is so terrifying about bringing back the firing squads for murderers, we never should have done away with it in the first place. You guys who dislike the death penalty must really like paying taxes and speeding tickets etc, because I sure as hell am not interested in taking food out of my family's mouth to keep someone like Gary Ridgway alive for what purpose exactly? Do you really believe that someone like him who killed at least 71 prostitutes can be rehabilitated or provide some value to society? Can that person pay his debt to society? Sounds like some bleeding heart shit to me. I do not advocate the death penalty when the evidence linking them to the crime is not beyond reproach or there is any degree of question to their guilt, however in every other circumstance I say a bullet is a cheap and effective solution.

Personally, if I did something horrific had the choice between being gassed, electrocuted, hung, lethally injected, or killed by firing squad, I'd choose firing squad without a doubt. I think several robots or automatic devices with guns carrying the action out would be ideal though as to not cause stress on the person who would normally otherwise pull the trigger. I would also make the room self cleaning. When you get gassed or the lethal injection you have time to think about how you are actively dying! It isn't instant! When you get the lethal injection cocktail you actually get to feel your fucking heart stop! How is that preferable to taking a bullet to the brain and dying basically instantly? The only reason people find the firing squad reprehensible vs other methods is because of how it makes the people observing the order being carried out feel, not because they give a single fuck about humanely killing the person who has been sentenced to death. The helium method is just as bad! The person who has been sentenced to death does not want to die unlike the person whose suicide is being assisted! Again they have ample time to think about what is happening to them which has to be extremely traumatic. Several bullets to the brain simultaneously on the other hand it is just lights out. A one ton block of concrete dropped on someone's face from about 10 feet would reliably do the job too instantly much better than injection. Personally I think for people to take issue with the "optics" of how the death penalty being carried out looks over having a 100% safe and reliable, humane, but albeit gruesome method are the sick ones not the people advocating a cheap and humane way of dispatching evil felons.

I support abortions done before the fetus can survive on it's own and the death penalty, as well as allowing people to end their own lives on their own terms. I guess I'm "pro death". Oh well, no water off my back so long as I'm not having to take from my family to keep Mumia Abu Jamal alive and undermining my country every day of his worthless life forever. Sorry that I care more about my own than felons whose guilt is not in question. To actually want to support this human refuse to continue their life after ending or destroying another person's life is sick IMO. It's part of the reason we live in a society today where if a burglar cuts himself climbing through your window that he broke he can try to turn around and try sue you and bring other ridiculous lawsuits against victims. It seems to me the money we spend keeping Mumia alive could be used for literally millions of other purposes that actually provide value for citizens or improve a law abiding person's way of life.
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