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First Aid Kits, all types, let's see em!
Let's see your first aid kits! I'll start with my IFAK.

Although my current plans are to "bug in," I do keep a BOB ready and this is the first aid kit that I have prepared for it. I do keep a larger kit in both my house and truck, so this is just in case I have to "bug out" for a few days, and it is designed to support only me.

As usual, please feel free to offer any suggestions for improvement. One thing I noticed while snapping these photos, is that I don't have any regular band-aids for minor cuts and scrapes.

Also, I probably spent WAY more than I needed to, to put this together, but I don't care, I like it. Starting with the pouch itself, I chose the Maxpedition F.I.G.H.T medical pouch, which was over half the cost of the entire kit. Big Grin

Here is mine, I chose black and I also have a blood type patch on the top, just in case I end up in a group or at a triage area post SHTF, folks will be able to tell my blood type as long as my BOB is with me.

[Image: P1000641_zps1d4658a1.jpg]

Here is why I like this pouch. You attach the pouch to your pack using MOLLE, but when you flip the front cover, a red grab handle is exposed which allows you to "tear" the pouch away from its support. It is held on with industrial strength velcro, in addition to the buckle and a metal snap.

[Image: P1000642_zps72daeafb.jpg]

[Image: P1000643_zps3b0faf06.jpg]

In the very front pocket, I found this be the perfect size for a set of combat medical cards, and 10 water purification tablets.

[Image: P1000644_zps682442b2.jpg]

The pouch unzips and opens fully, for easy access to the contents.

[Image: P1000645_zps2cefe3ec.jpg]

In the right hand pocket, I have;

- Three pairs of rubber gloves.
- Two compressed gauze bandages.
- One quik clot "combat" gauze.
- One ACE bandage.
- A couple three SAM finger splints.
- One 28ga Naso Pharyngeal.
- A couple packets of watergel burn ointment.
- A couple povidone iodine prep pads.
- A tube of anti-bacterial ointment.

[Image: P1000646_zpsdb2d2a8e.jpg]

In the left pocket, I have;

- Pair of EMT shears.
- Some Advil packets.
- A bottle of Imodium AD.
- HyFin chest seal.
- CAT tourniquet.
- Compression bandage.

[Image: P1000647_zps440049c9.jpg]

So that's it. Like I said earlier, I have to add some regular band-aids for minor things.

This has gone out with me a few time in the last year and a half, but I've never had to crack it open for anything, except Advil.

Let's see yours!


PS I am trained to use all of this.
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Just curious where you got your supplies. I know the drug store has a plethora of most of the supplies a person may need, but they definitely do not have the things needed to maintain an airway (ie naso-pharyngeal trumpet). Could be something worth having in a kit.

I will post my kit once I get it together again. It was damn near depleted a few weeks back when I needed to use a lot of the supplies to help someone. Note to self: make a personal kit AND a much larger kit to help other people.
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I scoured ebay mostly, trying the find the best price I could. For some things, like the iodine wipes, Advil, waterjel, just bought in bulk from Amazon.

You have to be careful, though, as it seems there are people into putting out fake, low quality and possibly dangerous CATs, etc.

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(09-18-2012, 10:23 PM)JustinHEMI Wrote: I scoured ebay mostly, trying the find the best price I could. For some things, like the iodine wipes, Advil, waterjel, just bought in bulk from Amazon.

You have to be careful, though, as it seems there are people into putting out fake, low quality and possibly dangerous CATs, etc.


Sometimes idiots play around with them and get them worn out, then sell them again. Our Corpsman had a field day with one idiot who he overheard doing that... Doc also gave some of us an extra CAT to take home with us. When he heard I do USPSA he handed me two to take home; made me laugh a little.

[Image: 21122657_10155704889299275_8952212329936901321_o_2.jpg]
You might also want to include some ordinary gause pads. I know you have the bandages, etc., but gause pads can serve a variety of uses. You also never know when you might need some sterile cloth.
Seconded on the plain gauze pads. They're incredibly handy to have around for being able to cover any open wound. I'd also suggest a suture kit and medical tape.

[Image: 21122657_10155704889299275_8952212329936901321_o_2.jpg]
Thanks for the tips! I definitely have the room. I'll have to get some training on suturing

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I second the gauze. Also look into abdominal pads which are larger and thicker than gauze pads. I like that you have an advanced airway, where did you get it. Also, no cpr mask?
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Pretty sure I got it on ebay. Thanks for the tip on the cpr mask.

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Justin thats a nice kit.
Like how you did the blood type
on that.
I'm stillworking on mine.
I've got gun shot wound kit
and Israeli bandage and some other
stuff will have to get it all set up.
Yours looks very nicely done
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Is that a gun? Yes. Is it real? Hell yes!!!!


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