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First time out since Fall
Yesterday my girlfriend and I dusted off our compound bows and took them out for the first time since the fall. We actually weren't too bad for not practicing in months. We primarily shot between 15-20 yards, and the last few rounds we did were about 25-30 yards. I need to adjust the elevation of my sight, but we both were content (and sore) by the time we finished. I forgot how much fun and challenging it is to shoot them.
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Where do you guys shoot?

I would love to get my new to used Bow Tech TomKat out and start shooting it.
thefirstndsecond;143194 Wrote:Where do you guys shoot?

At my girlfriend's house in south Jersey. It's one of the only positive things about her parents' house. If their property was in PA, I'd bring over my toys to shoot. Don't even get me started about all of the deer and wild turkey I see over there. Unfortunately, her family members are animal lovers (think donating thousands of dollars and lots of hours of volunteer work every year - like Mr. and Mrs. EmptyMag) and don't hunt.
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