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Florida college reverses no-gun policy on campus in wake of school shooting

Quote:Following a shooting in a parking lot at Eastern Florida State College, school officials took an unusual step — they are now allowing guns back on campus.

The shooting occurred Thursday, when a student was brutally attacked by two men near his car. The student, Landrick Hamilton, 24, was able to retrieve his firearm from inside his vehicle and shot one of the men in the chest, according to Orlando NBC affiliate WESH.

The man who was shot, Amado Contreras, 25, was hospitalized and is listed in fair condition.

At the time of the incident, firearms were not allowed on campus. The college announced Tuesday that it was now reversing its no-gun policy in the wake of the shooting, as long as weapons are kept secure and out of sight inside cars.

Eastern Florida’s students have largely applauded the change.

“I saw the guy getting beat down,” student Rio Gonzalez told WESH. “The gun practically saved his life.”

“If someone feels like they’re in harm’s way, they have the right to defend themselves as citizens,” student Trevaria Cole agreed.

Although he was in violation of school policy at the time of the shooting, Hamilton will not be punished, according to WMFE radio.

It is a step in the right direction, and an important step at that.
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Am I the only one that noticed almost everyone with a Florida license plate in PA seems to be a reject?

I've run into about 10 auto accidents in 2013 and 4 of them were caused by people with Florida plates. And there aren't that many people driving around with Florida plates in Eastern PA. Lots of Connecticut (which is disturbing), but not much of anything else other than the unfortunate Jersey and NY plates.

I got cut off and honked at today by somebody with Florida plates. This has only been going on in my personal world for about two years, but every time I see a florida plate I expect trouble.

Which is funny, because I have to work down there every year or so and never run into any problems.
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