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Flour Storage need refridgeration?
Im thinking of picking up some, whats a good way to store it outside of refrigeration?
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Keeping flour in the refrigerator will prevent spoiling, but if you want to store long term outside of refrigerator:

1.Put flour in strong, food grade plastic bag. If the flour bag is packaged in paper, put the whole bag inside a food grade plastic bag.

2.Remove excess air from bag.

3.Freeze flour for two days, 48 hours, to kill off weevils or insect eggs in the flour.

4.Store flour in a food grade plastic container with tight fitting lid. Keep in cool, dark place to prevent insects from getting at the flour and to prevent sunlight from spoiling the flour.


1.Keep your storage area clean to prevent insect infestation.

2.Multiple 5 pound bags of flour can be frozen individually and stored in a food grade plastic tub with tight-fitting lid.

What You Need
•Sturdy, food grade plastic bags found online or in stores.
•Large food grade container with lid.
I'd recommend mylar bags and O2 absorbers then follow the directions 87th PVI posted. Mylar is better than plastic bags and the O2 absorber will take out all of the oxygen and turn the bag into something similar to a coffee brick.
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As far as my research has indicated storing the whole wheat berries is the easiest way to go. They will also last much longer. From what I understand when you grind wheat it releases the oils and that is what can make it spoil quicker. Also white flour is, in my opinion, worthless. No nutriants at all.

I am still in the learning stages so please take what I say as coming from a well intentioned friend who has done some reading on the subject.[/i]
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