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FN SLP Competition What Say Ye?
I think the gas guns cycle better from awkward positions. I also think the Winchester/FN system is very, very fast and reliable. In my experience, it's really hard to beat. The only way I would go to Benelli would be if I wanted a lighter gun.

We're probably overthinking this. I know of a ton of 1100's that have run on the skeet range without issue for decades despite having a bad rap in 3 gun. Why is this? Well, mostly because we're putting more slugs and heavy recoiling rounds through them while trying to get them to cycle with 1oz reduced loads. As a result, people are drilling out gas ports and the guns end up taking a beating. Not really the gun's fault and I wager your average 3 matches a year 3 gunner would never see issue with 99% of the autoloaders out there.
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lycanthrope;120636 Wrote:We're probably overthinking this.

According to my wife I don't know how to do much of anything without overthinking it Big Grin
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Well I happen to have a Winchester SX3 Errr FN SLP.

Lets start with a few observations for ya. Its heavy, like M14 heavy and most of the weight when loaded is at the tip. Very steady to aim but hard to swing fast. Its fast, way faster than I am and certainly faster than I need for the level of competition I can rise to at my current state. My FN has a raised bead sight with peep flip up that is great for shooting slugs. It comes with two pistons, one for shooting 1 oz slugs and one for everything else. Use the light piston and just shoot it, I have yet to jam it even shooting Remmy light target loads. Lastly, and I have yet to do it, you need to modify the catch plate. Whenever I reload I always get bitten because the damn thing is too obtrusive.

Those things aside it is a beautifully made and great shotgun. It doesn't really make the Benneli guys jealous but it does turn heads and get compliments.

Now If you are looking to save money and don't like heavy shotguns I endorse the Remington 1100. Its a great shotgun, very versatile and stout. Won't break the bank and its easy to modify. Its not that I don't love my SLP but like I said its fast and I don't run it anywhere near fast enough to justify over a remmy.

Hope this helped.

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We had the 11-87s for years. I always liked them when they were clean. Unfortunately, they foul up fairly quickly. I'm talking 200 rounds of slugs and 00 buck when I say quickly so an 11-87 would get you through any match I'm aware of.

I've never tried my SBE from weird shooting positions, I'll have to give it a whirl. Because of the inertia system, it's fast and it's also clean shooting. When I first got it, I put a mix from lightweight dove loads up to slugs in it and it fired as fast as I could pull the trigger without a hiccup.

I'd get some stuff to run it as a defensive shotgun but the government decided I shouldn't be allowed to do that. After all, it's far more lethal because it was made in Italy than a similarly configured US made shotgun.
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Well after sleeping a few nights on it and checking out a few more shotguns online, fondling a few in person etc....I ordered an SLP. Rough ETA is one month.
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Change of plans after failing to get a straight answer from FN if/when the non mk1 variant of the comp model will see another production run. I opted to go with a Remington Versa Max Tactical instead.
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