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Foreigner allegedly buys gun at TX gun show- gets caught by TSA
Glock32;141653 Wrote:A Royal Malaysian Air Force Major doing training at a U.S. Air Force base in Texas was caught by TSA with a diassembled .22 caliber handgun concealed in his checked luggage on his way home to Malaysia from Texas.

He told the cops he packed it that way on purpose to avoid detection upon arrival in Malaysia.

More importantly, two vendors turned him down when he tried to buy a gun, but a third supposedly sold it to him without doing papperwork.

If true, we don't need vendors like the third one. Im surprised the antis aren't all over this and trying to use it to get rid of gun shows.
Quote:The RMAF man reportedly bought the pistol while attending a gun show in Sweetwater, Texas, with two other students from the Air Force base.

He told authorities two other vendors refused to sell him a gun since he was not a US citizen, but a third vendor did agree to sell him the weapon for US$200 (RM653), and the RMAF major said the vendor did not ask him to fill out any paper work.
Quote:On April 16, Mohd Faiz Bin Abdul Jalil was scheduled to fly from Mathis Field Airport in San Angelo, with a connecting flight in Dallas, and then from Dallas to Kuala Lumpur.

While a TSA agent was checking a bag and a box belonging to Jalil at the airport in San Angelo, the x-ray machine alerted the agent that something within the suitcase and the box was keeping the x-ray from seeing everything inside.

Upon opening the box, the agent located a round ice cooler, similar to ones found in hotel rooms, which contained a plastic hand weight. Within the hand weight was concealed the grip/receiver portion of a Taurus, PT-22, .22 caliber pistol.

The weight also contained a magazine containing eight .22 caliber bullets.

Within the suitcase, the agent found a corkscrew and can opener taped together, and between them was held the pistol’s barrel.

The remaining part of the pistol, the metal slide, was located within the wristband of a metal wrist watch housed inside a metal box contained in the suitcase

I am confused, I read the description of where the parts were found. How do you hide a receiver and a magazine in a hand weight.
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