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Found a hole in my emergency plan
It's that damn heater again. (oil fired hot water base board)

I knew I was on fumes, but I pushed it a bit too far. Sunday night at 9pm, I realized that the circulator pump was running for quite a long time, but I didn't remember hearing the burner start. CRAP!!!

The wife got 10 free gallons of gas, and I made 3 trips to Sheetz for a total of 30 gallons of K-1.

Now, in case of emergency
I know that the real answer is to not let the tank run below say 1/2, but financially, this is not always an option. I'm also thinking longer term "disruption".

Keeping the house warm is not the issue. Electric space heaters (powered by the generator) or Mr. Heater (and all required parts to run from a 20/40# tank) will get the job done. It's hot water that is in question. I know a propane tankless heater would get the job done, but they're not cheap ($800-$1000).

A 10 gallon electric heater might be a good solution. I'd just need to watch current draw from the generator.

Either way, I'm burning fuel somewhere.

What would you do?
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Install a wood / coal burning furnace as an add on. Even if the power is out you still have gravity heat. Something like this. You would have to size one for your home though.
I am fascinated by geothermal heating/cooling! If I ever build a new house or get the money to retrofit...this is what I would use!!
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RocketFoot;46441 Wrote:I am fascinated by geothermal heating/cooling! If I ever build a new house or get the money to retrofit...this is what I would use!!

Great system if you build new and have the cash.
My neighbor put in a Geo Thermal Unit. Works great. But it almost cost as much as the house that they built.

If you have a pond in your back yard, you can run the pipe into the pond with the same results, and less cost.

I was going to get a wood coal stove. But you have to put in a chimney too, and again, the cost starts to climb.

Right now I have propane fueled gas fireplace. Works great. Heats well. Can work as my only heat source if needed to. Doesn't need electric to work.
When I was single, it was my only source of heat in the house. Heated my downstairs comfortably all winter with just the fireplace. I went thru about one hundred gallons a month when this fireplace was my only heat source.
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UMMMMM??? Didnt anyone read the OP he asked about a solution for hot water not home heat. Everyone responded about how to heat the house. No real mention of a hot water solution. (unless geo thermal deals specifically with water? obviously not cost effective though)

While i dont know what its called a guy right down the road from me has a solar setup. It appears to be homemade or home makeable. From what i can tell its a wooden box approximately 4' x 4' with black pipe coiled tightly inside. Then a piece of plexiglass placed over top and faced into the sun.

The pipe is large i would guess 1" od so it can hold a good amount of water. I would guess the way he has it coiled it is probably 30' or so of pipe. I couldnt even guess how much water that would actually be heating at 1 time but it would probably suffice for 1 or 2 people to shower.

I suppose all you would need is some type of inline pump to draw the hot water into the house and push more fresh into the coils.

Also i have no idea how this fairs in very cold or cloudy days. I have been curious to stop and talk to the guy about it.
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Hot water?
Two words: Old school
In an emergency situation, heat water in a stock pot on the stove or in a turkey fryer and take baths, or drop in a Coleman camping shower pump.

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