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Fun Shoot at Keystone Gun club Erie PA
Upcoming Fun Shoot "Shoot for the Stars" Information:

Date: Monday September 23, 2013
Time: 6:30-9:00
Cost: Initial shoot: $5.00 Reshoot: $3.00
• 3 Classes:
o 22
o Service Caliber Auto
o Revolver
• 1ST Place winners in their respective class will receive range passes
o A minimum of 3 different shooters needed for each class, in order to be eligible
for the prize
• Failure to comply with the rules and regulations of the club and the event will cause
disqualification. (See board for a complete list of rules and procedures)
• Any questions, concerns, problems, clarifications will be directed to the shoot organizer
o Shoot organizer’s decisions will be final
• 12 rounds for 12 Star targets
o 1 Mandatory Reload
o Cannot load mags with more than 12 rounds
• Shoot the stars, but do not shoot the Moon
• Scoring:
o 5 points per star that is hit
o Score = Total points/time
• Penalties:
o Do not shoot the moon! -5 for hitting it
o Procedural error = 5 point deduction
o Disqualification
 Finger on trigger while moving
 Violation of 180 rule – Muzzle must not point up range at any time
during course
• Firearm must be UNLOADED at all times, until instructed to load
• This shoot will have only 1 STAGE:
o Start in Chair in Ready position (Gun on lap, finger off trigger)
 Note: Reload can be done at any time in stage
o Engage 2 targets
o Move to Window and engage 2 targets
o Move to window and engage 2 targets
o Move to next window and engage 2 targets
o Move to right and engage final 4 targets
 Targets can be engaged anywhere from yellow tape
o Show cleared pistol
• Shoot Organizers: Joe Farrell and Marc Grucza

They said that they would like to see attendance rise for these if they are to keep doing them.

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