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Gardening Subforum?
Just a thought, but I read in another thread where someone suggested that we need a gardening area. I could get behind that as part of Self Sufficiency or even as a sub-forum of Food & Water.
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Food and water is already a subforum of a subforum. Should we really add another layer? Shrug
bac0nfat;94268 Wrote:Food and water is already a subforum of a subforum. Should we really add another layer? Shrug

If we do, we really should divide that into "Organic" and "Non-Organic" too. Tongue
I'm fine with gardening stuff going in with Food & Water, since you use water to grow your food. It's almost like how well chocolate and peanut butter go together.

Here's a primer on gardening.

Agreed...It's a great idea but too many sub forums can get as confusing.
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I'm going to go against the grain and say gardening should be its own, since the amount of information pertaining to gardening is massive.

I suppose it depends also, on how much gardening is broken down. I don't think you need to go organic/non organic and all that.

How about this....can you make prefix tags like you have in the classifieds for trade/for sale?

That way, when an OP is putting in a thread they can sort by that, or at least be able to visually what the thread is about.

I'd like to see this beyond gardening actually, streaker's canning thread is extremely valuable but massive...would be nice to encourage other posts without feeling as though EVERYTHING has to go into the canning thread.

Plus, people could search by those prefix tags too and pull up relevant info.
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