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Gasoline storage
don't know if this concept has been floated, but this is a habit I have gotten into over the last 6 months. I always like to keep about 20 gallons of gasoline in reserves for the generator in case it is needed but always worried about it going bad. What I have gotten in the habit of doing is writing on the gas cans in white out the date I fill them with gas. Every two months instead of filling the truck from the gas pump, I fill it with the gas from the gas cans and then refill the gas cans at the pump.

The system has worked well with keeping a fresh supply of gas on hand and not worrying about it going to waste.

btw.... first time I've seen the "Please review the short list of related thread to see if your topic is already being discussed message" Pretty cool
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Pretty much what I do.
I mark the month and year on the can, add stabil, and use it for the genny, or mixing gas for the chainsaw and such. If it starts getting close to a year it goes in the truck when she's thirsty and off to the station for a refill.
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Modern automobile gasoline has a very short shelf life, probably due to the ethanol content. If you want gasoline that can be stored for a LONG time, like up to two years, go to your nearest airport and fill up on 100LL av gas (aviation fuel). It's leaded, so don't use it in your car, or anything that has a catalytic converter. But it's great for small engines. There is no ethanol in it to break it down, and I've never seen a carburetor get clogged when running solely av gas through it. It's obviously more expensive than regular gasoline, but if it saves you the hassle every two months, it's probably worth it. There's nothing better that you could put in your generator, short of converting it to propane.
You don't have to get avgas. There are gas stations that sell non ethanol fuel. There are websites showing where they are.

Also, store the gas in metal containers. It lasts longer than using plastic. You can still find the military style Jerry cans on offroad websites.
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Here is a search site:

Pure Gas dot Org
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Warpt762x39;80222 Wrote:You don't have to get avgas. There are gas stations that sell non ethanol fuel. There are websites showing where they are.

Also, store the gas in metal containers. It lasts longer than using plastic. You can still find the military style Jerry cans on offroad websites.

Av gas will still last longer than regular gasoline that doesn't have ethanol. It's been well known for long before they ever put ethanol in gas. Adding ethanol just made it worse.
What messes up small engines is leaving fuel in the lines and carburetor for long periods of time. Most lawn mowers, weed whackers, etc. die at that carburetor, because of improper winter storing.
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I use pri-g in my storage gas. I did use stabil fuel stabilizer for my lawn equip, but when i finally got my generator, I did some research, pri-g is designed for the ethanol fuel. it has good right ups, don't know how well it does yet, only shelved the can 5 months ago and the fuel in the tank is still starting ok.

Aren't you people that run the treated old fuel in your trucks concerned about the censers in these vehicles nowadays ? you people have a newer truck you put it in and no problems?

That's why I only keep a 5gal can on the shelf, 5g in the shed & 5 in the genny will give me 26hrs of power, I can get rid of 5gal in the shed easily in the summer time, any more the 5g would be tough to get rid of every year..
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I just bought a generator and while shopping I was told that if it's in for warranty service and they find damage due to ethanol the warranty is void. (I didn't buy the generator there, I don't even remember which place it was that told me that). A few places told me that I should use a treatment made for gasoline with ethanol added, he named several brands. I was told that maximum storage time for ethanol blend gasoline without treatment is about 6 weeks. (Is that a line of BS or does that sound right?)
Sta-Bil has an ethanol treatment, that's what I bought. It was about $8.00 for a 10 ounce bottle at Lowe's, 10 ounces treats 25 gallons. I usually don't buy gasoline or oil treatments and additives but I've heard a lot of good about Sta-Bil, and with what I was just told I bought it, figured I can't go too wrong with it.

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