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General use tool bag
Hey guys, I was wondering what you guys keep in your mobile tool bag... Be it, toolbox on the truck, small tool bag in the trunk of your sedan, the couple of items you throw in your shooting bag or the multitool you have on your belt.

There is always a perfect tool for any job, but when preparing for anything and space is limited what do you always have handy?

In the truck I got a small bag with:
Small claw hammer
Channel lock pliers (my go to for just about any task)
Sip joint pliers
2 adjustable wrenches
Couple of screw drivers
A blade or 2
Small can of wd40
Small crowbar
Zip ties
I just recently added a cheapo $3 socket set from harbor freight

Curious to hear what you guys are carrying.
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I have a small coil of wire... just in case ya have to tie something up where heat may be a factor...
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Along with the factory service manual for my car, I tote just about any common tool and spare part that I would need for a roadside repair taking 3 hrs or less.
In addition, I carry:
stainless steel zip ties
hose clamps
1qt oil
2qt coolant
1qt windshield washer fluid
1 bottle of K-Seal
air pump
16 oz Slime
tire plugs
24 oz brake fluid
60cc syringe and about 3' tygon tubing
shop towels
detailing towels
paper towels
Honda moto polish
small bottle of rain-X
1 bottle of home-made SeaFoam
fire extinguisher
1 bottle of isoHeet
2 flashlights
spool teflon tape
duct tape
ground cloth
tyvek seat cover
nitrile & latex gloves
small garbage bags
jump cables
Gerber multitool

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