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Getting a Vacmaster VP215
Well, tomorrow my new Vacmaster VP215 will be arriving!

I've been wanting to buy meat in larger/more economical quantities, and I also cook with a sous vide unit, so a vacuum sealer has been on the agenda for a while now. I was looking at Foodsaver type suction units until a friend pointed me to chamber sealers.

They are definitely more expensive, but the bags used are so much cheaper because you can use plain plastic, rather than bags that have air channels built into them.

Here is a video of someone vacuum sealing packing peanuts:

And one with a little more detail sealing something more useful (MEAT!).

Btw, the manufacturer occasionally sells factory refurbished units for about $200 off ($699 instead of $899). They have 2 in stock right now:
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I've look at those and then saw the price tag. Maybe one of these days I'll get a little more serious about getting one but for now the Foodsaver does the trick. Nonetheless, I would like to see a full review on how well these bad boys work!
Not just peanuts.

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