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GHB- Feedback on Leapers Bags?
I decided to put together a multi-use bag that will double as a day hiking pack, and a GHB. For a hiking pack I'm looking at single day trips and don't foresee myself being anywhere outside of cell range or a few miles from people. As a GHB it would need to be sufficient for a 30 mile hike mainly along well traveled paths and trails. (assuming I decide to stay off the highways and roads) I should also note that I have family and unless absolutely forced by injury or weather I don't foresee any reason I would stop moving until I made it to my house.

With the winter coming I will be keeping some hiking boots, thermals, and extra coat in the car, but will need to use the pack for everything else. I was looking at the Maxpedition line but found this one from Leapers for a fraction of the cost. It has excellent reviews wherever I look, but wonder if anyone has personal experience with it.

Leapers UTG Messenger Bag

Thanks in advance.
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Personally, it's not grey man enough for me. Too tacticool.
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chivvalry;23387 Wrote:Personally, it's not grey man enough for me. Too tacticool.

Heh. I thought the same when I saw they weren't available in colors like "blue".

Looks affordable though.
I bought one about two years ago. It sees use as a work/tool bag, range bag, and diaper bag. The problem it had was the drawstring pull for the main compartment broke.
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looks a lot like a Maxpedition Jumbo Versapack... only less expensive.

I have 2 Jumbo Versapacks. One I used on a regular basis and the other is still in the original packaging. I'm going to use that one for a GHB, eventually.

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Does look like a good price. Hell, I might pick one up for a range bag. My current GHB is one of my kids' old school bags. Kinda beat up, dull grey color, nothing special that looks like it would contain a bunch of supplies for a 30 mile hike where you might get caught overnight.
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Saw this when I checked out the link das posted.

Thought I'd mention it to give you another option for a reasonably priced bag.

[Image: 146.jpg]
Probably would be just fine. Looks like my Maxpedition jumbo versipack, which I like for a GHB due to it's compactness and portability. I toss it behind the seat of my truck and it kind of just blends in with everything else. I don't think any nosy cops looking back there would notice it and if they did, they wouldn't think that it is what it is.

[Image: pafoasig.png]
Thanks for the feedback. I didn't think it looked tacticool at all, but I guess that's just me. I ordered one and will provide some info on it once it comes in. Cost was a huge factor on this purchase as I'm also picking up another bag for fishing and didn't want to be out tons of money just on bags. (The fishing bag I am getting is about $120).
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Just an update on the bag. Its had moderate use and has a tear in the drawstring lining of the main pack and a cracked buckle. The rest seems fine but I should have just spent for the Maxpedition. Lesson learned.

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