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Glock Announcing "Big News" Soon

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Sure looks like a forum of some sort. You can see where it might say

The Ultimate
Online Community

and under that possibly:

sign up ... ... ... share ...

If my assumptions are correct then their definition of big news and mine differ quite a bit.
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Philadelphia Patriot;62243 Wrote:Just saw on Glock's facebook page that they are announcing "big news" in 4 days. They are not even dropping any hints at what it might be. Stay tuned......

Are they finally putting a manual safety on their US pistols? There have been Euro models with safeties dating all the way back to the G17S.

JasonK007;62249 Wrote:I want a Glock single stack 9mm. Something along the lines of a Kel Tec pf9 would be nice.

It's already made- it says Kahr on the side.

spartakis252;62250 Wrote:On second thought, I'm like 90% sure someone on this forum has said that "Someone he knows at Glock told him that Glock is trying to adapt the 5.7x28mm round to a Glock pistol"....

If I was at my computer I'd search for this.....

That was me. Smile

ArcticSplash;62274 Wrote:I don't get why people would buy it. Because FN Five-seveNs are terrible or something?

I love my five seven, but ill be the first to admit they are vastly overpriced. A $550 Glock57 would sell like hot cakes IMO.
daschnoz;62285 Wrote:Maybe they'll make a gun out of a real material - like metal.

{flame suit on [Image: sterb082.gif]}

[Image: glockv1911.jpg]

(I have multiples of both, I suppose I'm equally hated by both camps -?)
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Should I be more excited than I am? Because so far, it's not at all.
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I bet it is a new pistol that fires .380 GAP building on the success of the .45 GAP...


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I was hoping for a G30S, A G36 slide on a G30SF frame. It is being done now but i assume glock would just do it.

If it is just a forum then someone fucked up and tried to made a big deal out of nothing.

A glock 9mm carbine would be cool also, but i just dont see that happening
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From the picture on facebook, it looks like a bullshit forum....

I'm so disappointed Anim_doh
I love Glocks... I don't know why ?? ShrugShrug
A forum......? They did say "big news" right? That's strange, I almost got excited.

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Camper;62797 Wrote:Should I be more excited than I am? Because so far, it's not at all.

If they released a 5.7 Glock I probably would have creamed myself, even though I prefer my S&W M&P for semi-auto's. If it's a new online community then Glock can kiss my glorious ass. Dodgy
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