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Glocks - Why?
Going here instead of handgun thread as it is kind of a general interest question. If it needs moved, that's fine.

What is it that makes Glocks so popular?? As a FFL, I do a lot of gun transfers for people and lately it's been a lot of Glocks, several per week. I never really liked them, they didn't feel right in my hand. However, with the changes that were done on the Gen4 models, they feel a bit better but I'm still not convinced that they are the be all to end all as avid Glockites spout.

What might the attraction to Glocks be? Is it just people following the crowd since many PD's have gone to them? I have heard the statement "Well, if the police use them they must be good" many times. I then point out that the PD's probably only got them because they got an extremely good price from Glock. In response I get the, Angry"Well the police are the ones that know about guns" "So if it's good enough for them, it's good enough for me".

Reason I ask is that I'm getting the hankerin' for a new gun. I have the SR9, SR9c, and SR45 so was thinking about the SR40 or SR40c to add to the family.

Should I get a Glock? Why?
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I've always been one to avoid "trends" and never wanted one simply because "everyone has one".
Besides - they are ugly and made of plastic. And they feel like you're holding a 2x4.

I only have one because the wife was able to rack the slide and wasn't able to do so on any of the other auto pistols she tried when we were looking for a house gun.

It's "OK", but I really don't shoot it well compared to... well, just about any other handgun I've shot. It may be the "perfect" handgun per the gun society, and it's been reliable for me and all, but meh - it doesn't do anything for me.
If not for the wife I'd have sold it long ago.

33 round mags are sorta nice though. Big Grin
I have a 26 and a 27 both gen 3

I never thought i'd buy a plastic gun,The last 5years or so i always put a gun on my belt when i go out. the weight and size of it is hard to beat, that's really what sold me.

honestly my glocks are no joy to shoot, when I go to the range i'll put 2 maybe 3 mags through it then it's off to the full size fun guns. I don't own a full size glock.

My 26 & 27 are single purpose firearms, the reliability is their, it's just not a fun handgun to shoot. IMO
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I view them as I view any firearm, as a tool. When I need it, I need it to work. I didn't buy the Glocks I have as show pieces I bought them because they served a purpose and then function exactly how I expect them to, when I need them.
Xringshooter;160251 Wrote:Reason I ask is that I'm getting the hankerin' for a new gun. I have the SR9, SR9c, and SR45 so was thinking about the SR40 or SR40c to add to the family.

Should I get a Glock? Why?

I love my Ruger SR9c. For me, personally, it is the best concealed carry 9mm pistol out there. I am way more accurate with my SR9c than I was with my Glock 19. I still carry the SR9c and sold the Glock 19.

The reason I got a Glock 30S is because I couldn't find a .45acp pistol in a compact, light package that holds 10+ rounds and came with a decent trigger from the factory. This has become my primary carry gun, but I also switched out a few springs and connector to make the trigger a lot better. I also replaced the shitty factory sights with warren tactical sights. It's not a bad carry pistol for a .45acp, but personally I felt like there were no other choices out there that were even close enough to what the Glock 30S had to offer.

Glocks are far from the best pistols. When pistol shopping it comes down to what size are you looking for, in which caliber, for what role, and how much are you willing to spend. Some times Glock is the best choice, and other times it isn't.
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As streaker69 said, it's about function, not form. I want it to work when I need it to work, and Glock does that for me. Drop it in some mud, pick it up, and shoot it. It's that simple for me. If it breaks or malfunctions it is easy to fix. The lack of a thumb safety is ideal for me. It's 1 less thing I need to worry about in a DGU. It's simple, it's rugged, and it's reliable. That's how I like everything in life. I like to get dirty at work and play, and I expect my stuff to not be inundated by that. All of my handguns are Glock in .45 acp. I just gifted my 36 to my mom for Christmas because it was too small for my hand, and I also owned a 30S. I also have a 21C for range days, and as soon as I get back out to Utah I'm picking up a 41.

I don't consider myself a Glockite or Glockoholic. I am by no means a Glock fanboy. I'll shoot anything and everything I can get in my hands. There are a lot of good guns made by other manufacturers, and I'm acknowledge that. But I love MY Glocks. Besides, with the models I own (including the 41 I bought but haven't picked up yet) the magazines are usable in all of them, except the 10 round mags that came with the 30S. The 13 round magazines for the 21 and 41 will work in the 30S.

As for my wife, we picked up a Beretta 92 for her to practice with due to her job, and a Sig (I forget the model at the moment) for her to carry. She may liked the Sig more.

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Xringshooter;160251 Wrote:Should I get a Glock? Why?

No, you shouldn't. My choice would be for either a new Walther, PPQ; or an H&K, VP9. (The VP9 is, 'the better Glock'.)
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I hear its 'cause theyre so easy to sneak through metal detectors.
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Ten*K;160265 Wrote:I hear its 'cause theyre so easy to sneak through metal detectors.

Only the Glock 7.
The only Glock you should ever own...
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