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GOA: Casey Sells Out
“Everything is on the table.”

That’s what President Obama and his anti-gun allies are saying when it comes to gun control.

To make matters worse, supposedly “pro-gun” Senator Bob Casey -- YOUR U.S. Senator -- has caved to the pressure and now supports President Obama’s Gun Ban Agenda.

More on that in a moment.

Obama’s anti-gun task force is expected to announce what gun control measures they’re going to force on the American people.

You and I don’t have to wait until February to know what they want.

President Obama believes he's been handed the perfect "excuse" to enact a laundry list of anti-gun schemes, including:
*** The UN "Small Arms Treaty." This dangerous Hillary Clinton-backed Treaty is nothing more than a massive GLOBAL gun control scheme designed to register, ban and confiscate firearms from law-abiding citizens;

*** A new so-called "Assault Weapons" Ban. President Obama loudly supported passage of a new ban during his reelection campaign, and Senator Dianne Feinstein just announced she'll be introducing a new bill in the new Congress that would ban an entire class of semi-automatic firearms, and potentially force the confiscation of existing firearms;

*** Mandatory federal political "mental illness" screening to buy a firearm. Should such a scheme pass, the federal government would be granted the new power to strip away the Second Amendment rights of any American at will -- just because they don't like your race, your religion or the political candidates you support;

*** Sweeping ammo bans or bans on magazines holding just a handful of rounds. With any one of these schemes, Congress could effectively outlaw many commonly-owned rifles and handguns.

That's why it's so important you act IMMEDIATELY.

Fighting these measures will prove hard enough without pro-gun quislings like Senator Casey stabbing gun owners in the back.

You see, Senator Casey is back tracking, trying to sound “reasonable” to the anti-gun intellectuals who rule Washington D.C.’s cocktail circuit.

But now this NRA "A" rated politician has outright pledged his support for a magazine ban and the so-called "Assault Weapons Ban" 1

Casey boldly declared: “If those two bills come before the Senate, I’ll vote for both!” 1

Now his true anti-gun positions are exposed.

Without our action, the ONLY voices politicians like Senator Casey will hear, will be those of the gun-grabbers and their pals in the media.

If that continues, you and I will lose and lose BIG. Bank on it.

The good news is, you and I can fight back.

But we must mobilize quickly.

I need you to do these three things, right this moment.
• Call Senator Casey at (202) 224-6324 and demand that he apologize for cozying up with Obama and his anti-gun allies.

• Click here to sign my Second Amendment Protection Petition. Add your voice to those across the country who refuse to sit by while our right keep and bear arms is under attack.

• Forward this e-mail to all your gun-owning friends in Pennsylvania and ask them to call Senator Casey and demand he publicly fight to protect our gun rights.

The only way to cut through the fog of anti-gun lies, is to turn up the heat. That’s why it’s so important that you contact Senator Casey, TODAY.

I hope I can count on you to join me in the fight.

For Liberty,

Dudley Brown
Executive Vice President

P.S. Supposedly “pro-gun” Senator Bob Casey is selling out your gun rights right now.

Senator Casey shamelessly pledged his support for President Obama’s gun control agenda, including a magazine ban and a so-called "assault weapons" ban. 1

He needs to hear from you, today!

Call Senator Casey at (202) 224-6324 and demand that he apologize for cozying up with Obama and his anti-gun allies.

Demand that he publicly renounce his anti-gun pledges and promise to fight to protect our gun rights.

Once you’ve called Senator Casey, please click here to sign my Second Amendment Protection Petition.

Also, if you can, please chip in $15 or $20 to help the National Association for Gun Rights fight Obama’s anti-gun agenda.

1= Philadelphia Inquirer: 12/19/12 "Sen. Bob Casey changes stance, supports new gun laws"
das, proud to be a member of since Sep 2012.

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