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Going Camping Tomorrow... Need A Little Advice
My wife and I are going camping and hiking at Rickett's Glen tomorrow. We HAD a stack of wood ready to go for our fire... then I find out you can't bring in "outside" firewood. I know that moving wood around can introduce non-native species to wooded areas that destroy the trees, and apparently that's what the firewood ban is all about. My issue is that whenever I look up reviews/testimonials about the campsite, the people are complaining about not being able to find any wood and having none locally to buy. It's not like I can just go cut a tree down and it magically dries and becomes a fire (not to mention the rules against such activities).

Has anyone here been to Rickett's Glen? Have you bought/found firewood there? Any insight, info, or experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
We went to Tuscarora a couple weeks ago and it has the same restrictions. We did not take our own wood. Upon arriving we found that all of the other campers present did bring their own wood. We got rained on every single night out there and could not find dry wood to save our lives. I saw multiple Park Rangers walk around through the campsites, not one of them said a word.

Next time we will take our own wood, we just won't leave it on display out in the open.
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I could be wrong, but don't they just mean that you can't bring in wood from really far, like out of state? If you bring in wood from just a few hours away, I don't see how that could hurt anything. I almost always bring my own wood when I go camping, and I've never even been asked about it by a DCNR officer. But I've never been to Rickett's Glen.
I haven't been there in a few years, I don't remember them having those restrictions the last time I was there.

I did hike the falls trail last year and did notice that the general store at the bottom of the steep hill leading to the park had plenty of firewood.

This is the park alert.

This is the advisory.

Doesn't define what local wood is or how they know, does say first time offenders get a warning.

I would call them up directly and ask them any questions you might have.

Contact Information : 570-477-5675

Btw.... one of my favorite campgrounds.
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Buy one bucket of wood, and when they're driving by throw one of theirs on the fire. Otherwise, keep using the wood you have stashed in the car/truck.

"Outside Wood" has the definition of the campground. Some mean nothing other than theirs, others mean none other than the region. A few even mean the state.
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They are trying to stop the spread of the Ash Boring Beetle and other pests that are destroying native forest.
Most people I camp with still pack their own wood. I don't mind spending a couple bucks to buy firewood locally.

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Just be glad you can even build a fire.

Many times as a kid we were prohibited from building a fire due to drought and risk of forest fires.
What's camping without a campfire?

Hope you find a workable solution.
Propane, propane stove.
ExcelToExcel;150182 Wrote:Propane, propane stove.

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ExcelToExcel;150182 Wrote:Propane, propane stove.

Lol why don't you just stay at a hotel while you are at it?

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