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Good Day Philadelphia
So the Fox Philly morning show just had on Nutter and Ramsey... I wanted to shoot my TV.

They haven't posted the video yet, but lets just say the talk involved an AWB and Mayor Retard wanting Philly to be able to make its own rules. Then there was something about Philly knowing how to protect its own citizens the best.

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Yeah because banning "assault rifles" and high capacity mags will eliminate every murder and gun crime in the city. Rolleyes

Ever see footage of New Orleans during and after Hurricane Katrina? That's one of the reasons why I own a semi-automatic sporting rifle in the city of Philadelphia. I refuse to let masses of people rob, burglarize, and loot from my well prepared household.
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Apparently one of the killings last night was done by an AK.

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The majority of murders in Philadelphia are drug-related whether it has to do with drug dealing, the criminal being under the influence of drugs, or somebody owing someone else money because of their drug addiction. Now drugs are illegal almost everywhere in the United States (except for a few states and marijuana), but we still have murders (not including drug overdoses and drug-related automobile fatalities). Shrug
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