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Goodbye Clinton, Geithner, Carney as new names top lists
Quote:Come January, the Obama administration will begin again, and a number of people whose names and faces have grown familiar the past four years will leave the public realm for other livelihoods.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and press secretary Jay Carney are preparing for departure. Many also expect Attorney General Eric Holder to be considering an exit.;_ylv=3
It's the "BILL OF RIGHTS" not the bill of "needs"
The timing is amazing, isn't it? Dodgy
My guidance counselor said I wouldn't amount to anything... Lucky guess! Dodgy

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Thank God Carney is leaving. I hated watching that pompous douchebag dance around questions at the White House Press Conferences.
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Calling it now....


Hillary Clinton-D


Chris Christie-R-(INO)

That is unless Obama-D* wins again...
"What you're feeling now ain't the worst pain. The worst thing is not feeling the hurt anymore."
Clinton announced she was leaving months ago, before Benghazi.

But the others need to go so that past failures, scandals and coverups can be more easily swept under the rug and forgotten leaving no one who was there at the time available for questioning. Petraeus also needed to go.
My conspiracy theory about the general is that he would not play ball so they threatened to expose his affair and he beat them to the punch. If Bill Clinton were president Petraeus would have been found in a hotel room with a suicide note.

Quote:Thank God Carney is leaving. I hated watching that pompous douchebag dance around questions at the White House Press Conferences.
I totally agree but the last guy was no better so don't get your hopes up that the next guy will be spouting the truth. The administration is indefensible and they know it but I am sure they are as shocked as anyone that the press is letting them get away with it. That's why the president has taken no questions for months.

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