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Got Sig?
My wife and I went to the Lycoming County Consolidated Sportsman yesterday where the firearms expo was held.

The first firearm we shot was a Sig Sauer 9MM 20229.

That semi was one of the nicest I have ever shot.

I notice many people talk of their Glocks and their M&Ps (and one or two Rugers and XDs) but I really don't see people mention having a Sig.

Why is this?

The grip felt great in the hand and it was very accurate.

Is it me or does Sig not have the fan base as the others?

Is Sig really the ugly step daughter?

Does anyone here use a Sig as their CCW?

Thanks for any thoughts on this firearm.

God bless!!

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A lot of guys on here have Sigs. I think it is universally known they make great guns. I think the price may turn away a good deal of buyers right now just because many of us just cant afford them with the economy. Go to the Prepping page and go to Justin Hemi's Get home bag thread he has a pic. of his on there. VERY NICE.
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I have two Sigs and both are 100% reliable. I would buy again for sure. Two guys at my club carry Sigs and nothing else. One a 2022 and the other a 226. I handled the 2022 last week but didn't shoot it. It definitely was nice. The 226 I find too bulky for my carry tastes. My 220 carries well except for the beavertail.
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I own a sig and love the thing. It is incredibly reliable. I remember shooting my sig at an outdoor range when someone next to me shot a coffee can filled with mud with a 50 cal revolver round from 7 yards. Mud was all over my sig (but not in the barrel - I checked). Even with a generous smattering of mud in addition to the fouling of several hundred rounds, the thing ran like it was nothing.

I think one of the reasons you don't hear too many people fawning over Sigs is because of their price. For roughly the price of 2 Sigs you can get 3 Glocks. Glocks are good guns and a lot cheaper... but they aren't Sig.
I carry a P229 dark elite for my EDC.

[Image: P1000620.jpg]

[Image: pafoasig.png]
I have a nice KC code Sig P220 in .45 acp that I carry daily. I love it.

[Image: 100_5154.jpg]

[Image: 100_5165.jpg]
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(09-16-2012, 11:39 AM)RocketFoot Wrote: I have a nice KC code Sig P220 in .45 acp that I carry daily. I love it.

[Image: 100_5154.jpg]

[Image: 100_5165.jpg]

Very nice
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I have a dog named Sig, does that count? Seriously though I have a friend that carries his over his Glocks and others. He loves it and would never part ways with it... Unless it was pried from his cold hand.
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I love SIG's and thinkanyoen who likes psitols should check one out. That said I carry a Glock over a Sig for many reasons.
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I have a Sig p229 40s&w. I don't mention it as one of my top guns because I shoot it like shit. My favorite pistol right now is my new M&P 9c. I shoot this gun better than every other pistol I own, even the ones I've had for years.
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