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gotenna sure looks great
A question for a techie better educated than me, is this product posible with todays technoligy. 50 miles from a hand held antenna. i'm thinking it's just like the 50mile or so walkie talkies that get 4-5 miles in the city..

What do ya guys think

link to article

link to goantenna

Love to get this for my ghb if it works.. unlike some of you younger guys i'm not walking 25miles in a few hours, It's more like a day, maybe 2 with plenty of aleve

Thoughts please
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As a licensed HAM, call me a skeptic. There is no substitute for knowledge and simple designs that are based on fundamental antenna theory.

I could probably make a better (and cheaper, and lighter) antenna out of a length of speaker wire. Why reinvent the wheel?
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Here's my take, based on a cursory look at the web site:

What it attempts to do is to create a "neural network" over Bluetooth.

Every device repeats the messages of every device it hears. Those devices repeat the messages to every device they hear. And so on and so on.

Eventually, the message gets to the device which it is intended for, which then tells the network to STFU already. The STFU message goes to every device it hears...

Obviously a lot of traffic for one message, but if the network is smart it works out known paths, albeit they keep changing as nodes move around.

Also obviously, very good for short messages: "Are you okay?" "Yes" without any guarantee of when they'll arrive, if even at all.

The image of the hiker is a bit misleading. These networks work well in densely populated areas. Especially considering that Bluetooth is painfully short on range. Assuming significant penetration of the hardware and app, getting a message from Brooklyn to the Bronx would be pretty reliable. From Rochester to Manhattan, maybe not so much.

Of course, if they enhance it with some regional bridges...
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For the price of one of those, you could equip your whole family with baofeng handhelds and extended batteries and do a better job I would bet.

50 miles is a stretch. Maybe line of sight communication. With the right amount of power, the right antenna, sporadic e propagation and the proper sun cycle you could probably get 5,000 miles but it's unlikely. My best distance with a baofeng handheld to a repeater was about 13 miles. This was NOT line of sight however.
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