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Gov. will take your preps: Food crisis.
Shodan;70343 Wrote:I don't see why the gov couldn't take my aquaponics set up just as easily as my stash of Spaghetti-O's.

You can't go and use logic when someone's pushing panic purchasing.
Taking food would be worse than gold or guns. I dont think that anyone coming to take food from me in a crisis would ever go hungry again.
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Hi, this is Vince from ShamWow.

Order your Schticky in the next 15 minutes and get your second Schticky for free, just pay separate shipping and handling.
A gun rack in a pick-up is not for holding guns. Its a place for women to hold on to. Smile
Guys Im sorry if that was a bunch of Bull. I didnt listen to the audio I read the transcript but not all the way. I do apologize if it is some kind of sales pitch. DomBlush
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My daughter and son-in-law have an aquaponics setup in their back yard in Texas. This is what they call their "shake-down" year, where they are experimenting to tweak the system they built. The instructions are readily available, as Streaker69 said, and they estimate they saved thousands. The tilapia they are growing are huge, from what I hear.

The biggest problem they've had is that the spraying for mosquitoes (west nile virus) has been so complete that there are no bees for pollination. They've had to hand pollinate everything. Extra work, but not too bad because of the dense growing area. They're considering raising their own bees, but worry about overspray killing them off. Another option is to plant flowers that attract bees, but the heat of Texas summers is brutal and there's no guarantee that the few bees left would find them. A perfect example of the solution to one problem often causing another major problem.

streaker69;70333 Wrote:
Shodan;70332 Wrote:Not a bad idea perhaps. However, I've found that the longer it takes for the salesman to tell you the price, the more likely it is to be a scam.

I stopped listening when he said Aquaponics, so I don't know if he's selling anything or not. But I will say this, there's no need to buy a kit from anyone. There's more than enough information out there to build your own system for free.

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