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Government eavesdropping on Baltimore city buses
So the mass transit authority in Baltimore is now listening in on people's conversations on city buses now. Really... how much longer before they put telescreens in our homes that act as a direct line to big brother? The encroachment on our privacy never ends. Why do people put up with this? Where is the widespread outrage? If they did this on SEPTA they'd need to expand the transit police budget 100 times to deal with the crimes committed on the transit system on a daily basis.
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Didn't you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page? This is what really matters:
'Real Housewives of Atlanta'

Infringe on that and you'll have a problem.
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Do you have an expectation of non-interception in a public place?
streaker69;41747 Wrote:Do you have an expectation of non-interception in a public place?

The problem is the government ALWAYS abuses things like this and doesn't tell us until after the fact. I'll put my tin foil hat on for a second and run a possible plausible scenario... Mr. harmless political dissident rides the C bus to his nightly dissident meetings. NSA gets wind of this and tells the MTA, "You know we'll help you with some of your union pension problems if you cut us in on that data stream you have coming in off those new bus microphones". MTA rep says, "sure that would be great!" and every night pulls the data off the buses and uploads it to its brand new bottomless Utah data center where instead of giving the recordings to some poor sap to laboriously listen to it gets handed over to the super computer, which transcribes all the words spoken on the bus into text from all the data they've gathered in a day in a split second and then runs it through their data mining algorithms and from there they can target all of Mr. harmless political dissident's friends and family and people he likes to talk to on the bus and other random persons of interest for further investigation. Thanks to the surveillance cameras that are already on the bus they can match voices with faces and build dossiers on people they had no reason to suspect before, who may not have done anything wrong. That's the kind of government abuse we don't need any more of.
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