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Government shoving beliefs down throats
"An Indiana woman says a state trooper pulled her over this summer and asked if she had accepted Jesus Christ as her personal lord and savior.

Ellen Bogan said she was stopped in August by Indiana State Trooper Brian Hamilton, who asked whether she had a home church and handed her a pamphlet asking her to “acknowledge she is a sinner.”

“It’s completely out of line and it just — it took me back,” Bogan told The Indianapolis Star.""

"With the lights on his marked police car still flashing, the trooper handed Bogan a warning ticket. Then, Bogan said, Hamilton posed some personal questions.

Did she have a home church?

Did she accept Jesus Christ as her savior?"
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I don't agree with what he did on company time. Single occurrence and he will probably lose the suit. Nothing like forcing companies to make things they don't want to make.
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This isn't the government. It is one man who works for the government, who will be rightfully punished for using his position to try and influence others.

To truly be the government showing beliefs down someone's throat, there would have to be a judge dictating that you do not have the right to reject work you choose not to do based upon your personal beliefs, and then force you to attend "sensitivity" training where you will be told what you believe is wrong.
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