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Great shooting in my area
This just happened Friday, not far from me at all.

Gosh, it's quiet in this forum lately, btw.


Quote:LEVITTOWN, Pa. (WPVI) -- The pharmacy owner who shot and killed a robber on Friday morning in Levittown, Bucks County, will not face charges - and was even praised by the district attorney.

During a news conference on Friday afternoon, Falls Township Police Lt. Henry Ward said Pennsbury Pharmacy owner Kenneth Lee "had no choice to do what he did. He was protecting himself and his business."

District Attorney David Heckler wholeheartedly agreed.

"There is no thought that we would prosecute the shooter in this case. He was entirely justified in his conduct, and frankly should be commended," Heckler said.

"From what I can see, he performed a public service in taking out this fella," Heckler continued. "The fella asked for what he got and he got it."

Quote:The shooting happened Friday morning at the pharmacy on New Falls Road.

Police say the armed man, who was wearing a Halloween mask, got out of the passenger's seat of a minivan - leaving the driver in the vehicle - and headed into the store. He tried to mask his gun with an umbrella, but the owner was ready.

"He has a good camera system, so he actually saw the subject come into the store with the shotgun," said Lt. Ward. "He was prepared for the armed intruder."

Ward said the pharmacy owner warned the suspect multiple times, but the man crossed the room and jumped the counter.

Investigators say the owner fired nearly a dozen shots at the armed man, striking him numerous times.

Sources say it appears the robbers intended to clear out the pharmacy. The dead man had zip ties by his body, so it appears he was going to tie up the pharmacy owner.

ROFL at this part:

Quote:The other suspect remained in the minivan, and was unaware of the shooting.

When police descended on the pharmacy, he was still in the vehicle. That man, identified as Kim Goldsboro, is now in custody
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Our little local convenience store has been robbed twice now, over the last little bit. They think it's the same guy. Enters store, brandished gun, steals cash register, leaves. I'm surprised no one popped him.

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Had a shooting close enough to my bedroom (about 200' away) that I guessed the caliber right (.40). Happened a couple months ago. The cause of that shooting had a lot more to do with who the target was than the shooters themselves.

All the busybodies in the neighborhoods knew what the hell was up---"Oh, Mr. Big Mouth seems to have ticked off the heroin dealers. How do we know they're heroin dealers? There aren't any black dudes around here who sell or use heroin, it's a white drug and 90% of all its users are white, so you tell me why two white guys in hoodies, one of them with a roofing contractor's hoodie on both unloaded into a single rowhome?"

The INSTANT that house stops paying its taxes I am pushing it to Sheriff Sale.

I do not give a flying fuck if (victim)'s parents are salt of the earth and have lived here all their lives. To me, that whole family is scum, and if their idiot son brings down gunfire to my block--I'm not going to sit idle or tuck tail and run. I will make THEIR lives a living hell.

I already put in a request to have their house reassessed. They should be paying for the privilege of being so fucking annoying and close.
I think it's hilarious the guy was stupid enough to try to come in with a shotgun hidden under an umbrella, and the other bozo sat in the car probably cranking up the music til the cops arrived, didn't even hear them coming or the shots fired. Lol.
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RugerGirl;174210 Wrote:I think it's hilarious the guy was stupid enough to try to come in with a shotgun hidden under an umbrella, and the other bozo sat in the car probably cranking up the music til the cops arrived, didn't even hear them coming or the shots fired. Lol.

Not all criminals are as crafty as the Clinton's.
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