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Greetings and Salutations!
Hi there, names Tom. Live in Pittsburgh, born and raised. Been around guns since I was a kid. Got a BB gun at age 8? Pellet gun soon after. Dad shot skeet so I got a 20guage Browning BPS shotgun when I was 12. Then girls and cars occupied me for the next 10 years. Ran into some trouble when I went to buy a handgun at age 22. Gun shop owner gave no info on how to challenge, my attention waned and I bought something else. Fast forward to last year and I started saving, now have a couple of friends that got handguns so finally went to buy in January and hit the denial but quickly got that rectified (clerical error) so now I have a nice Sig 226 scorpion. Got one range trip in and am excited to get some more time in. Trying to find ammo like everyone else. Have done A LOT of reading on PA law last few months so I'd consider myself informed but no expert. Having had guns in my past, I feel comfortable with my safety skills but am looking into taking a NRA basics class soon as I can. Got a LTCF application in and now I'm already thinking about which gun I want to buy next!
Hope I have something to offer the forum!
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Whale cum, neighbor.

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Good work getting that error corrected!

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Check this out for a good, solid beginner handgun class.

F.I.R.E. Institute One Day Handgun Clinic

Next class April 21st, 2013 (held at Pitcairn Monroeville Sportsmens Club)

The price is fair and having attended one, I can, and do recommend it.
Thanks for the welcomes. Justin, I have all the whale cum I need thanks, Emptymag, thanks for the link. That looks like a good course. Just need to get holster.
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