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Group Buy: A Great Book From a Fellow Pennsylvanian
They Came for Our Guns, They Came for Our Freedom
By: William Lafferty

Quote:Book Seven concerns the decision of the federal government to put an end to the private ownership of guns and its arrogance in pursuing this political agenda.

As the story opens, twenty-two battle-geared agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) conduct a late night raid on the house of an ordinary citizen who was reported as having an unlicensed machine gun. What he actually had was an AR15 semi-automatic rifle which, while it was being shot by a friend, malfunctioned and went full-auto. Before the owner of the rifle could take it to a gunsmith for repair, his door is broken down, guns are stuck in his family’s faces, his wife is knocked unconscious, his jaw is broken, his children are terrorized, and his is house virtually destroyed by the BATF search for the offending rifle.

Two old men read about the raid on the house and the treatment of the family, followed by the arrest and prosecution of this hapless gun owner, and they decide that they did not serve in World War II to sit idly by while their own government acts like Hitler did fifty years ago. They formulate a plan in which they will hire Sam and Nick to act as their communicators with the BATF. Their message is that either the BATF backs off of the prosecution of this gun owner or the old men will start shooting BATF agents. The BATF declines the offer and the old men start shooting.

If you haven't already read this book, pick this one up. I rarely read books and was given the copy I have from an FOAC member helping in a preemption case in Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania. He gave me this book and told me to just read a few pages and dared me to lose any interest in it. I reluctantly took the book and did as instructed. Well, I was blown away. I have since passed this book around to four different people for them to read and the consensus is the same. It is mind blowing. The only problem is, you can't find this book anywhere. I have been in contact with the author today to find out the availability of the book and he has it for sale through him. Amazon was raping him on fees and he removed it because he was losing money listing it with them. William Lafferty is a retired Pennsylvania supreme court staff attorney from Pittsburgh along with other credentials here in the keystone state.

We have worked out a deal to put together a group buy of these books for $10 a piece shipped if we can get 50 or more orders from other fellow Pennsylvanians. This is $3 less than advertised. I plan to order a few for distribution among local friends and it would be great to see more people picking this one up.

The way it will work is, post your interest in getting in on the group buy and how many you want, shoot an email to titled "group buy" and include how many you want(email link is also listed in the link above), when we get at least 50 books on order he will send out payment information to be completed by PayPal and the books will ship out.

Any interest?

I am interested in buying 5.
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Is it available for Kindle

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bigdawgbeav;68332 Wrote:Is it available for Kindle

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I haven't had luck finding it anywhere other than THIS AMAZON LISTING for a copy for a mere three hundred dollars! Don't know what that's all about. Couldn't find a PDF, or a shared file anywhere. Don't know if the author would offer it as a download for a small fee or not, I can run it by him. I like the physical copy though, easy to pass around to anyone.
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Bump? Any interest? Anyone read it? I wish I could buy a copy for everyone, it's that good, but I can't afford to. Smile
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