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Group known for open carry ... die in head-on collision

Quote:DUNKIRK, Ohio — Four members and supporters of a high-profile Richmond-area firearms rights group were killed in an early morning crash Friday near Dunkirk, Ohio.

Among those who died when their car collided with a tractor-trailer was Jason Spitzer III, the founder of The Right To Bear Arms RVA, a grass-roots group of Second Amendment supporters who are known for openly carrying their rifles and other firearms in neighborhoods and shopping districts. Stephen Kim and Jimmy Higgins were also killed in the crash, according to the Kenton Times. The Hardin County Sheriff’s office has not released the identity of the fourth crash victim.


[Image: opencarry.jpg?w=770&h=433]

[Image: kenton-oh-crash-01-credit-wktn-radio.jpg?w=770&h=433]

Obviously they were taken out.
Yuck. Car crashes are icky. Lost my mom in one.
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Clearly judging by their appearance and the guy holding the stick like he's going to bash someone over the head with it we could not have hoped for better ambassadors of the open carry movement...Rolleyes. Almost reminds me of the picture of the guy in the fast food joint that has been circulating with his weapon shouldered in public and his finger on the trigger. Sorry to hear they died though.

I'm more interested in reading the comments from the disgusting insane violent anti-gun liberals who will inevitably celebrate their deaths.
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