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Groups at 100 yards 17hmr
Thought I would carry this over from the other forum. My best groups from this last summer.

Well, bit of a range trip with my marlin 917v, chambered in .17HMR. Relatively calm day, very slight gusts of wind. All targets shot at 100 yards.

First target.

[Image: target1.jpg]

Please take notice that the first three shots on the right of the dime, are sighting it in. And what is the side pointing up, should be pointing left. Had to rotate the target to get a good pic of it. Because those three are from walking the poi over, I'm not going to include those in the measurements.

Also going to switch hosting, seems I have hit my limit on imageshack.

[Image: target2.jpg]

.495 inches. Sub .5 MOA, I can deal with that. Now, granted. To be fair, once I was on, I should have put up a new target.

[Image: target3.jpg]

BOO! .764 inches. To be fair, I did switch from right, to left handed during this shot. I do need to pick a side, and stick with it. But, for some reason. I am consistent with both sides, so I will keep doing that.

[Image: target4.jpg]

.333, I'll take that. Just a hair above .25 MOA, I am not going to complain.

[Image: target5.jpg]

2 shot group this time. Wanted to slow it down a bit, I was running through alot of ammo that day. .28inches, just a bit tighter than the last one.

[Image: target6.jpg]

2 shots, .328, starting to open up a little bit. But still accurate as far as I'm concerned.

[Image: target8.jpg]

This one was a bit tighter, but I didn't adjust my calipers. I will still call it .328

All groups were measured from the outside of the hole, due to the smaller caliber. All shots were at 100 yards, off of sandbags. The bipod was put on for the picture. Rifle is a bone stock marlin, nothing done to it aside from the addition of the scope. And it is cleaned normally every 500 rounds. For some reason, the dirtier she gets, the tighter. . . I should rephrase. The groups get smaller when there is some schmutz in the barrel.

All in all, I would say a very good day. Normally at that same range, I shot at steel at 250 and 200 yards. This time however, was just messing around, seeing what I could get with the cci hollowpoints. I would say good enough to get a squirrel out to 150 easily. And now I need to finally upgrade to .223 when I get some extra cash the wife will let me play with.
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17's are sick... Try shooting the primers out of 12ga hulls. Thats a lot of fun.
I got bored of that so i started shooting the tips of 50bmg incendiary bullets. They make a nice flashWink
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I own a Cheapo Savage 93/17 with a Leupold scope your groups are indicative of this superb flat shooting round,congrats.
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I don't get to the bench often but I can't seem to miss on game with my Handi Rifle Sportster. I guess you'll have that with a 7 lb. single shot.
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