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Groups Pressuring Facebook To Ban Gun-Related Fan Pages…
Quote:Facebook may announce company policy changes for gun-related pages in the coming weeks, VentureBeat has learned.

The social network has been under pressure from the powerful Mayors Against Illegal Guns and the Moms Demand Action civic group to ban gun-themed fan pages on the site.

“Talks are progressing. The discussions are ongoing; there have been positive developments,” sources close to the conversations told VentureBeat.

An extensive VentureBeat investigation last week revealed that adults and children were making arrangements to buy, sell, and trade guns through the many Facebook fan pages devoted to guns and the people who use them, sometimes in violation of federal and state gun laws.
It's the "BILL OF RIGHTS" not the bill of "needs"
They should ban facebook entirely then, no doubt the sale of drugs and prostitution is also taking place.

Plus, all that bullying....
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Who needs facebook anyway? Isnt that why we have forums like this? I dont have a facebook account. Never have, never will. I dont do twitter or instagram or any of those types of "social media"
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Makes perfect sense. Eliminate those who participate in legal activities.
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Not the first time this rumor has popped up. Not going to get too excited until Facebook actually does or says something. I think the article is likely embellishing whatever potential action may occur. I could see Facebook targeting some of the trade groups that I see popping up everywhere since they have already gone after gun giveaways. Shutting down all gun related fan pages on the other hand is a bit of a stretch and I just don't see that happening.
The law? The law is a human institution...
God I hope not. Some of the deals iv seen and gotten blows the forums out of the water.
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Past Issues

Help us STOP the Facebook gun ban!
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Tell Facebook to Stay Fair to Gun Owners!
As reported in a March 3 VentureBeat exclusive article, Facebook is apparently seriously considering policy changes for gun-themed pages and content. We cannot let that happen.

Facebook and Instagram have been under massive pressure from Shannon Watts, ringleader of the anti-rights hate group Moms Demand Action and Mayors Against Illegal Guns, to ban gun-themed fan pages on the site.

Even the non-funny shock "comedian" Sarah Silverman (who famously called gun owners "gun boners" on Twitter and produced the outrageous "Black NRA" video) is jumping into the mix:

But just because Sarah's laughable act is behind this anti-civil rights campaign doesn't mean we can just dismiss their effort. The Shannon Watts' petition to ban guns on Facebook has nearly 100,000 signers so far.
CLICK HERE to help us STOP the Facebook gun ban!
Please don't let the voices of pro-gun groups like ours, the NRA, and so many others in and supportive of the gun rights community be silenced by hate-mongers like Shannon Watts. Fight fire with fire.

Sign our counter-petition opposing rules that target gun owners, then help us get the word out by sharing the petition on your timeline! We need EVERY pro-gun patriot across the U.S. standing behind us on this.

We have about one week to gather at least 100,000 signatures and catch up to the anti-gunners. I know we can do it. Let's show Moms Demand Action that they're picking fights they can't finish.

In liberty,

Brandon Combs
Managing Director
Firearms Policy Coalition
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P.S. In Bland v. Roberts, Facebook submitted an amicus brief to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals arguing that Facebook speech, even a page "like," is Constitutionally-protected speech. The brief said that “Facebook strives to create an online environment that facilitates communication, social connection, and the sharing of ideas, and in which Users can engage in debate and advocate for the political ideas, parties, and candidates of their choice....Facebook, for itself and its Users, has a vital interest in ensuring that speech on Facebook and in other online communities is afforded the same constitutional protection as speech in newspapers, on television, and in the town square.”

If that's true, then Facebook will do the right thing and keep its rules fairly applied and content-neutral. Help us make sure OUR speech isn't banned -- SIGN OUR COUNTER-PETITION RIGHT NOW!
CLICK HERE to help us STOP the Facebook gun ban!
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Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) is a partnership of leading Second Amendment civil rights groups across the nation including California Association of Federal Firearms Licensees, The Calguns Foundation, New Jersey Second Amendment Society, Florida Carry, Inc., West Virginia Citizens Defense League, Hawaii Defense Foundation, Illinois Carry, and many others, working together to defend and advance our American heritage of lawful gun ownership.
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Never gonna happen.

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JustinHEMI;136979 Wrote:Never gonna happen.

Agree. Contrary to popular opinion, FB needs users more than users need FB.
I don't suffer from insanity.
I enjoy every minute of it.

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