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Gun Control: EOs wont work, lets try via regulations
These SOB's wont stop.

Since EOs wont get OhBlowMe what he wants (after the Rose Garden Tanatrum), he's now turned his malocchio to using regulations to force his will. Enter his use of HHS (Health and Human Services) to violate both our privacy AND our 2A rights:

Quote:Details on Proposed Rulemaking

The rulemaking notice stated that HHS is seeking public comment on how HIPAA is preventing states from sharing such records and how the legal barriers could be addressed "without discouraging individuals from seeking mental health services" (CQ HealthBeat, 4/19).

In addition, the notice indicated that HHS is considering enacting "an express permission in the HIPAA rules for reporting the relevant information to the NICS." The department also stressed that information provided to gun dealers by the database does not contain any personal health information -- they are only notified whether the prospective buyer is approved or denied ("RegWatch," The Hill, 4/19).

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said, "In order to protect our children and communities, we must ensure that information on potentially dangerous individuals who are prohibited from possessing firearms is available to the background check system." She added, "We do not want to discourage individuals who need help from seeking mental health services, and our actions will be carefully tailored to ensure patient confidentiality as well as public health and safety (CQ HealthBeat, 4/19).

Read more:
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have we heard that eos are not coming? I was under the impression that import/export falls under the umbrella of the executive branch and that a lot of evil 2a styff is going to become dificult to get in.
Actually it was an EO to HHS that started the ball rolling this time. He supposedly sent it the day after Harry shut down the gun control bill.
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Sebelius....a wench straight from the Pelosi mold. In fact Nancy may have shit her out.
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Pocketprotector;98258 Wrote:Sebelius....a wench straight from the Pelosi mold. In fact Nancy may have shit her out.

There aint no "may" about it.....
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For those who do not know:

GO here and you can find all proposed regulations:!home

There is a search function, and you are just going to have to learn how to use it. But, once you get the prposed rule you're looking for there is a public comment option and YOU as members of the citizenry may offer and have your comment published and heard. At least as long as the public comment period is open!

Now to make things easy! Any reference to a proposed rule should include the official name of the rule and the docket number!
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