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Gun Safe Door Storage for Handguns
[Image: c6a5ca91-8be3-4195-94bf-bdde6efe7a5f_zpsfdc4ad45.jpg]

I wanted to make use of the small amount of unused space on the door of a Stack 0n 14-gun locking gun cabinet, so I started Googling.

I found an inexpensive, hanging, pocket organizer, but it wasn't designed for handgun storage. I then located Acorn "stick-on" holsters that were also affordable, but I would need a way to attach them, as this isn't a carpet-lined safe.
As I continued my search, I ran across the "Rack Em" system consisting of wire, modular "racks". The base of the system gets mounted to the door and individual handgun holders may be added as needed. Well, that would be ideal for a large safe, but not for what I have - they are also somewhat pricey.

It DID give me an idea though. If I could mount some sort of "something" to the door, I could get the Acorn holsters and add a Velcro "loop" around the attachment point to hang the holsters from the door. The gears were now turning...

A few days later I was in a local pharmacy (starts with a "W") and noticed wire "locker shelves" in the clearance section. Hmmmm... "Those may just work!"
I bought three at $1.50 ea. Even if it didn't work, I would only be out a few dollars.

This is what I bought (in black)

[Image: 60032xa_single.jpg]

As it turns out, after removing the legs, and playing around with positioning, they are a near perfect fit!
There is a reinforcing "bar" that runs up the inside of the door and the wire "square" both nests into the lip along the outer edge of the door and rests "on" the reinforcing bar.
I considered cutting a few pieces of the grid to make it fit perfectly, but decided that it fit well enough "as is", and may even be able to use some of the overlapping sections to my advantage by using them as mounting points. (which I didn't even need to do in the end)

My plan was to still buy the Acorn "Velcro holsters" and make loops to attach to the framework, but then it hit me - "I have a bunch of nylon IWB holsters that may work on this!" As luck would have it, the metal belt clip fit PERFECTLY between the wire grids and when clipped on, held the holster firmly in place! Woo-hoo!

Now to get these things mounted.

The top edge of the door already had one hole near the hinge side which I figured I could use to run a zip tie through to attach the grid along the top. I would drill another on the other side and more as needed along the side. I planned on drilling and running screws through "tabs" on the wire frame and into the reinforcing bar, but after the difficulty drilling through the door for the top hole, I scrapped that idea in favor of using zip ties to attach everything.

In the end, I only had to drill two holes - one on the top edge of the door lip and one on the lip lower down along the hinge side. Three zip ties (two on top and one on the side) secured the first of three wire grids.
The next grid was placed below the first and zip ties were used to hold them together. By carefully choosing the points at which I zipped them together, I was able to make a secure connection that does not allow side-to-side shifting, and only needed two zip ties.
The third, "bottom" grid was then attached to the one above in the same manner for a total of three grids.

I was pleased to find that everything was being held securely the way it was - no need to add screws. The fact that there are no points of attachment along the length on the right side had concerned me initially, as I thought it may allow the whole "system" to flop around, but it barely moves. If anything, I may add a piece of tape on the bottom corner.

Ultimately, I now have storage for five handguns with the ability to add 2-3 more, and/or other accessories as desired, all for just under $25.00.

This may not be ideal for everyone, but it worked quite well in this case, and may just give someone an idea to create their own.
Sorry for such crappy photos. The lighting was horrible.

Checked fit. Decided which way I wanted to mount them and started by zip tying through the one existing hole in door lip...

[Image: ebfd13bd-df24-41c2-8c4d-8b3f4af8a3ad_zps8e3e45c0.jpg]

Pulled away to show the area behid it. The "reinforcing bar" I spoke of can be seen on the right, near the "locking bar"...

[Image: 0be0d2eb-efd8-46b3-9c95-e5ed96bd3bb3_zps68f7020e.jpg]

Side mounting hole drilled. Note how grid is tucked behind the door lip on this side. That helps hold it all in place.

[Image: DSCI0820_zpsf59fb02c.jpg]

Zip tie...

[Image: DSCI0822_zpse3435382.jpg]

To show all the zip tie attachment points before trimming the ties...

[Image: 5b5df33a-7817-4206-b1ba-28f6dd62ce54_zps7b1bf1b0.jpg]

All done.
This other hole (closest) proved to be a challenge, as the zip tie couldn't go "straight down" along the lip like it does on the other side. This causeed a problem initially, in that the zip tie was keeping the door from closing.
I repositioned it and it solved the problem. These are the tricky parts when it comes to DIY. The work is the easy part, but figuring it out in advance takes a little bit of thought.

[Image: c6a5ca91-8be3-4195-94bf-bdde6efe7a5f_zpsfdc4ad45.jpg]

In my Stack-On cabinet, I got some of these:

[Image: 21nb-L-B2ML._SS500_.jpg]

and immediately discovered the shelf is too shallow. No problem; I cut them in half right in the middle and fully overlapped the cut sections. You can cable-tie them, braze them or whatever. Now the handguns hang nicely under the shelf.
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Wow, making me regret the $50 or $60 I paid for my door storage thing. Very well done.
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gascolator;83949 Wrote:Nice.

In my Stack-On cabinet, I got some of these:

[Image: 21nb-L-B2ML._SS500_.jpg]

and immediately discovered the shelf is too shallow. No problem; I cut them in half right in the middle and fully overlapped the cut sections. You can cable-tie them, braze them or whatever. Now the handguns hang nicely under the shelf.

I looked at those initially, but since I raised the rifles up off the floor, I figured that handguns hanging under the shelf may be in the way when taking a rifle out.

Otherwise, those are a pretty slick idea.
Aren't zip ties great? They work for dates too!
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AHH, where's your mags? Are they empty?Tongue
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arjohnson;84120 Wrote:AHH, where's your mags? Are they empty?Tongue

His clips are stored elsewhere, and they are empty.
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