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Gun Storage in Basement
It's not the best place to put them, but you use whatever space you have.

What kind of experience does anybody have with a gun safe in the basement? We run a dehumidifier 24/7 and I know I'll probably have to go with dessicant buckets and swap them out on a regular basis.

Any advice/anecdotal info is most welcome. We're all on the same team. Wink
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My bedroom is in my basement, so that's where my cabinet is. I have a dehumidier that is set to run at 45% humidity. My cabinet is set on top of a cinder block that has a can of silica gel under it, and a dehumidifier stick in my cabinet
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Check out golden rod dehumidifiers, used them for years and they work well.
I keep some of mine in the basement, and all of my ammo is stored down there, but I also have some of the household a/c directed down there which keep the humidity down to a comfortable 40%.

Just to be safe though, I keep packets of dessicant in everything (ammo storage containers, gun safe, and tool chest). It is supposed to change color when it is saturated with moisture, Ive had the same packets down there for two years now and there has been no color change.
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I didn't keep my guns in the basement of my house but I kept pleanty of other valuables down there. About half of my basement was finished and full of expensive furniture and electronics including my guitars and amps. I ran two dehumidifiers and monitored the R.H. with two hygrometers, one mechanical and one electrical. The R.H. stayed at about 60% all year round and the only rust issue I ever detected was the electric baseboard heaters installed at various places around the perimeter. There was also slight efflorescence in some areas of the block walls.

So I would say definitely proceed with having your safe down there. Just keep an eye on things, you'll be able to detect quickly if any sort of corrosion shows up. If it does then reevaluate. But keep those dehumidifiers running.

One more thing, I got rid of the drain pans in my dehumidifiers and ran drain lines to a floor drain in my laundry room. Those units ran with no attention from me for over six years before they failed. But the point is that you don't have to worry about dumping those big pans full of water once or twice each day. Or whenever.

Be sure you get at least one good quality hygrometer to monitor your R.H.
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Last year my basement had two feet of water in it. Glad I went with a smaller 300 pound safe that could go upstairs. I envy those of you with dry basements.
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If you get any desicant get the Eva Dry one over the Remington I have three in my safe one big Eva dry one small one and a Remington The 2 eva drys collect double the moisture of the Remington. When the beads turn pink plug then in they turn blue and there good to go again. The humidity in my safe stays at 36% I dont use the golden rod anymore it seemed to me that the golden rod drew in moisture but that could be just where my safe is located.
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i have had a liberty gun safe in my base ment for 20 years with a golden rod in it with no problems at all. just get them out and oil them once every two months and make sure the goldenrod is working. also keep the safe up on blocks in case of water comming in the basemant.
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My home is a raised ranch. The basement is my livingroom/den/workshop.
I also have a dehumidifier that is needed much more in the summer
then winter.
I am living here since 1999 and have tv, refer, computer, gun cabinet
in basement -- no problem with anything electrical or otherwise.
I do buy those little desiccant things' you find at gun shows and hang them in the gun cabinet.
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Fluorescent lighting is the way to fly. It provides dehumidification AND light for the safe, for the same wattage as the Goldenrod. Search my posts on the "other" forum.

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