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Gun supporter-Concealed carry decals on car?
Hi, looking for opinions here-if you have received any decals from places like the NRA, or USCCA, etc, when/if you place on your cars, do you think it would make more, or less trouble for you during a traffic stop? Even something as harmless as the Seatbelt checks which still occur in the summertime where you are filtered into a narrow area for the police to check for the seatbelt use? And yes, while I conceal and carry legally, something like this could tie up valuable time during a stop. Thanks
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I put no stickers on my car, and I remove the stickers that car dealerships place on them. I don't see the need to advertise for anyone without compensation.
I'd be more worried about idiots in parking lots than cops during a traffic stop as far as bumper stickers are concerned, living in liberal SEPA leaves me worried if I'm parked near an establishment having a gun show. I've seen people with NRA or pro2-A stickers have their tires sliced. Having said that I'm more of Streaker's opinion than anything else, if they aren't paying me, I'm not advertising for them.
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streaker69;78221 Wrote:I put no stickers on my car, and I remove the stickers that car dealerships place on them. I don't see the need to advertise for anyone without compensation.

Totally agree..

I have no advertizing on any of my vehicles and if I ever by a used one with decals they all come off as soon as the vehicle gets home.
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I don't do the sticker thing either.
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No Stickers on Car or Home ,I dont advertise the fact that I am Armed or have firearms in my Home !
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Ihave an NRA Life sticker on my back window. But its on the inside and I have tinted windows

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I live in Philly, and I work in Philly. I have an NRA sticker on my back window on my SUV. I know there are a lot of liberals in Philly, so in addition to showing my support for the NRA and gun owners, I do it also as a big F U to liberals. Also it lets people think twice about riding my bumper.
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I have a simple boltface logo on my most it is a just some random mysterious symbol, but to those that know, it is an AR15 boltface or arfcom logo.
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I have a PAZRT (Zombie Response Team) sticker on the lower right rear window, a "Proud Parent of a US Marine" sticker on the lower left, and a Blue Star magnet on the trunk.

USMC and Blue Star have been there (on whatever vehicle I am driving) for about a decade, ZRT for 4 years now. I have yet to have anything negative occur as a result, but I have had countless positives.

Granted there are no NRA/gun maker/pro 2A slogan things back there, I have never like that kind of stuff. What I have is 1 'humorous' and 2 I am rather passionate about. Turns out they are quite the ice-breaker. Big Grin
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