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Gun supporter-Concealed carry decals on car?
I believe DE and PA both offer NRA license plates. You don't necessarily have to own firearms to be interested in protecting your and other's rights. My biggest concern would be with a self-righteous leftist keying my car or getting in my face much more than getting into an altercation with a cop. I imagine this would be a much bigger problem though depending on how much time you spend in urban areas where the gun hating cops are.
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Stickers proudly displayed on bumper, License plate is an NRA license plate. NRA emblem displayed on my office door at work.

Not hiding from anyone period.
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Rear windshield: United States Marines
Left quarter: Glock sticker
Right quarter: Marines sticker

The Marines' stickers get me out of traffic tickets and the Glock sticker never caused a problem. Shrug

I guess the Glock sticker could be considered misleading since I carry a 1911.
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Looks like someone else shops at Harbor Freight! Added a toy for additional effect from Goodwill. I have no idea why all my pics are doing this!

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I have had a molon labe decal on my back window for over 10 years. Only gun people know what it means. I also have a Friends of NRA license plate and a front DTOM plate.
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Just as a note, you can usually get the dealership to either remove advertising or pay you for it. Just make sure you include that in your bargaining at the very end. In my experience, they usually remove license plate frames, but stickers get you $50-$100 to leave on. It's not much compared to the price of the car, but every dollar counts.
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No stickers on the cars. Don't care about making a statement; just don't want stickers on my cars.
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PisnNapalm;95681 Wrote:Back of my Bug.

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Do you have the little eyelashes on the front too?

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