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Gun supporter-Concealed carry decals on car?
Chuck doesn't fear the libtards on his ranch lol Tongue.

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The forum poster formerly known as Emoticon...
I'm more concerned about some idot breaking into my suv.
He/she sees sticker and thinks there are weapons in the car.
Rich G, proud to be a member of since Jan 2015.
Anyone have stats on how much that actually happens? Even if I knew there were weapons in a vehicle how do you know the owner still isn't carrying? I personally don't know anyone that has had a weapon stolen from their vehicle. It's anecdotal I know, but I also know a lot more people who have got their car broken into for having cash visible. My car was broken into twice when I lived in Philthy with NOTHING of value visible, just a relatively nice 20 year old car. On one occasion they got away with the manual to my car, a gen 1 firewire ipod and nothing else that was in my glove box this was when the gen 1 ipod was like 10 years old. I had no gun stickers on my car at the time. I'm really not sure how much of a factor the stickers really are. I think it has a shitload more to do with WHERE your car is parked.
The forum poster formerly known as Emoticon...
It hasn't made a bit of difference whether I have stickers on my vehicles or not. I leave nothing valuable visible, the doors are locked, and they see the stick shift and move on.
sgtsandman, proud to be a member of since Nov 2014.
Is it sad I'm less worried about the gun related stickers on my truck then the Navy stickers attracting some sort of ISIS wanttobe starting some shit.
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