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Gun vote triggers media outcry
Gun vote triggers media outcry
By: Dylan Byers
April 18, 2013 07:09 PM EDT

If you thought President Obama was outraged after the Senate killed the plan to expand background checks on guns, you should have seen some members of the press.

Even by the standards of today’s partisan media environment, the response has been noteworthy. Television hosts, editorial boards, and even some reporters have aggressively criticized and shamed the 46 Senators who opposed the plan, while some have even taken to actively soliciting the public to contact them directly.

The decision by some members of the media to come down so firmly on one side of a policy debate has only served to reinforce conservatives’ longstanding suspicions that the mainstream media has a deep-seated liberal bias. LINK:
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Quite disgusting, especially the NY Daily News. My father reads their sports section online and found their tactics over the last 4 months to be downright dirty. The issue where they put up those photos of the Senators who voted against this shit and called them cowards was just "Slanderous" in his opinion, I agree. What warms my heart is knowing printed publications like the Daily News is dying a slow and painful death, they probably pull stunts like this to get more people to pick up their rag. I only hope Televised MSM is shortly behind printed media in enjoying their final years. Hopefully their behavior as of late drives them to their demise that much sooner. Internet for win, thank you Mr. Gore. Big Grin
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