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Guns as Evil Talismans
Guns as Evil Talismans
By Timothy Wheeler
May 29, 2013 12:47 PM
Same old tricks.Angry

Gun-control activists sound desperate. They are now reduced to recycling failed old arguments to persuade Americans to give up their guns. The New York Times has dredged up depositions from a 15-year-old rash of unsuccessful lawsuits against gun manufacturers in an apparent attempt to embarrass or discredit the industry (see my previous NRO report here). Inadvertently, their effort has spotlighted the firearms-company executives’ integrity and courage in the face of large-scale abusive litigation.

The gun controllers’ strategy of litigating their political opponents into bankruptcy with ridiculous legal theories is understandable, however unjust. In these lawsuits, various big-city mayors and state officials backed by private gun-control advocates have condemned guns as public nuisances. They fault manufacturers for the deaths the guns “caused” — an audacious claim, to put it politely. After all, the presidents of General Motors and Honda have not been dragged into court and accused of failing to restrain people from speeding or driving drunk.

Gun-company executives, grilled by hostile attorneys, bristled at the plaintiffs’ accusation that their products are inherently evil. They rightly pointed out that they provide a legal product, and they have neither control nor responsibility for persons who misuse that product for criminal purposes. READ THE REST:
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